Obelisk High Commander Report


Obelisk High Commander Report

The Obelisk website is done for the most part. JaM3z did a tremendous job in helping me get the site up; congrats to him on getting KE!


While the layout and coding for the website is done, there still isn't any real content on the site yet. I will be spending the next few weeks adding stuff.

One last thing about the website; I talked to Jac and JaM3z about implementing some sort of automated system for reporting matches. Basically you would log into the website, put in your dossier # and your opponent's dossier #, the score, and the website would automatically email me, your opponent, and the CHAN. I think this will help expediate things and insure that more matches are reported correctly.

On to other stuff... the OHC cup tournament season started up last week. To clarify things, the OHC cup will be a series of twelve JK1/JK2 tournaments that will be spread out over the course of two or three months. Eight of these tournaments will be open to the general public; anyone can participate. The last four will be invite-only though. You can earn invitations by winning enough points in the first eight qualifier matches.

The winner of the OHC Cup Championship (the last tournament of the season) will have his name engraved on the Cup and will probably receive another prize like a custom lightsaber or something.

The next OHC cup tournament will be Saturday, July 26 at 2pm EST in #obelisk. I want to thank Zekk for volunteering to host it. I also hope we get a way better turn-out than last week, because last week's turn-out was pretty pitiful :P

Lastly, as Jac mentioned in his report, the next poll for Obelisk ranks is going to be posted shortly. Everyone please vote on cool sounding ranks, because a lot of them just sound like crap ;)

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