Obelisk High Commander Report


Obelisk High Commander Report

1) I set up a mailing list for all obelisk clan/house summit members and all sergeants. If you want to be added to the list, let me know. The list address is [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

2) This Saturday will start off week seven of the OHC Cup Tournament. Mav will be hosting the OHC Cup/Interclub Training Event; it'll probably start around 4pm EST.

Tomorrow is nothing special, but next Saturday (August 23rd)will be the final OHC Cup qualifying event. Unlike the other seven, this qualifying event will offer DIRECT invitations to the Championships.

Anyone who places 1st or 2nd in the eighth qualifying event, regardless of how many points they have, will be granted an invitation. So if you want an invitation really bad, but have nowhere near 10 points, next Saturday is your chance to earn one.

3) Each week I will release the current Obelisk results of the Arcona/CSK feud. This will be done to ensure that all matches have been reported, and so each clan knows its current ladder standings.

Also, the feud website doesn't specify this, but I will not count matches against your own clanmates for the feud. The whole point of a feud is to battle the opposing clan :P

JK1 Ladder

Total Wins:

Arcona: 1

CSK: 0

Cannabisia (Arcona): 1-0

Volant (CSK): 0-1

JK2 Ladder

Total Wins:

Arcona: 1


Arso (CSK): 1-1

Gambit (Arcona): 1-0

Elessar (Arcona): 0-1

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