Obelisk High Commander Report


Obelisk High Commander Report

Just two quick things this week:

Last OHC Cup Qualifier

The last OHC Cup qualifer will be tomorrow, during the Interclub Training Event. I should be around for most of the day to help keep it running smoothly.

Unlike the other seven OHC Cup qualifiers, this one will offer invitations directly. Whoever finishes first and second tomorrow will automatically get an invitation, regardless of how many points they have. If that person already has an invitation, then the invitation will pass down the line to the next eligible person.

Arcona/CSK Feud - Obelisk Update

JK1 Ladder

Total Wins:

Arcona: 3

CSK: 0

Kaek (Arcona): 2-0

Cannabisia (Arcona): 1-0

Thunderchild (CSK): 0-2

Volant (CSK): 0-1

JK2 Ladder

Total Wins:

Arcona: 2

CSK: 2

Arso (CSK): 2-2

Dagger (Arcona): 1-0

Gambit (Arcona): 1-0

Elessar (Arcona): 0-2

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