Chancellor Report


Chancellor Report

Word to your mother.

I'm back in action, and here's the sexy lowdown from the Chancellor's office for the week ending in August 29th:

New Awards Forthcoming

Well, not completely new, but I'm sure a lot of you never knew about them. The Seal of Loyalty and the Crest of the Strategian should be up in the Compendium soon, pending approval from the powers-above.

Graphic Project Update

You can all stop calling; I've found my artiste. Congratulations to Priest Cyris Oscura who will become my Praetor for the duration of his upcoming project. If he does well, I'll keep him around for my amusement, and if his current work on the SoL and the CoS is any indication of his service, he should get out his Jester suit and learn to do the Lindy Hop. Twenty-one skee-doo, twenty-two skee-do... :P

Medal Reforms

Because my job isn't demanding enough, I've decided to keep myself busy by looking into the award system of the Brotherhood. Personally, I see a great deal that could be changed for the better. This is a on-going project that isn't sanctioned by the powers-that-be yet, but I'm sure I'll let them know at some point (hint, hint). :P

In the future, look for more work to be done in the "Awards" section of the Compendium. Since that's my domain, I'll be messing around in there until further notice. Rest assured, however, that I will continue to faithfully approve and deny your award reccs as I see fit. I'm just that kind of guy.

You know you love it. :P

Fondest Regards,

Epis Knight Camile

Chancellor of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

p.s. If this report is kind of early, it's because I don't know if I'll be around much tomorrow. I'll be heading up to Rutgers to see the campus I won't be on this year. Thanks a lot, stupid Air Force. :P

nevermind, i see whats up, he put the date submitted as the 29th instead of the 28th, so it will appear tomorrow. Yay. =P

Why does Camile's report not appear on the news? O.o I thought that problem was fixed ><

That sucks. Meh. Make it work, CG! cries

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