Obelisk High Commander Report


Obelisk High Commander Report

**1) **Invitations were sent out for the OHC Cup Grand Prix. Congratulations to the 10 people (you know who you are) who qualified to advance.

The first Grand Prix will be tomorrow at 3pm EST. I hope to get finished early enough, so that anyone who wants to participate in the ICTE can also do that.

**2) **Secondly, I'm gonna be on leave from Sunday morning until Thursday afternoon. Since my Praetor is also on leave, my Magistrate, Dagger, will be in charge. If you have any problems or concerns, you can try your best to make Dagger care :P

**3) **Lastly, Feud activity between Galeres and Kirleta was non-existent this week. You'd think two clans as active as Arcona and Satal Keto could at least find the time to play one JK/JK2 match.

Anyways, there's a week left in the clan feud, I urge both houses to take a more active interest in feuding. I'm sure the level of activity will have some bearing on what Possessions (if any) are awarded, so it's in your best interests to get active.

Arcona/CSK Feud - Obelisk Update

JK1 Ladder

Total Wins:

Arcona: 3

CSK: 0

Kaek (Arcona): 2-0

Cannabisia (Arcona): 1-0

Thunderchild (CSK): 0-2

Volant (CSK): 0-1

JK2 Ladder

Total Wins:

Arcona: 3

CSK: 2

Arso (CSK): 2-2

Dagger (Arcona): 1-0

Gambit (Arcona): 1-0

Kaek (Arcona): 1-0

Elessar (Arcona): 0-2

Tatsu (CSK): 0-1

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