Headmaster Report


Headmaster Report

Welcome to the weekly Headmaster rant... well, today it will be a litte bit of a rant at least about some things:

Things I dislike:

  • Folks submitting a history with four fields filled and the rest blank. No, I won't approve histories that can't be called histories.

  • Folks who put me in their Outlook address book and then can't keep their machine virus-free. I'm absolutely tired of downloading and deleting that many copies of Sobig.F! Check your PC today!

  • Not getting "course to be graded" mails due to a tech error on the site the SCL can't find in spite of having tried twice :-P (note - if you see a delay in grading, this may partially be the reason)

  • Folks who submit a really brilliant first half of a test, missing not a single question, and then forgetting to do the second half.

  • The lack of submissions to the SA crest competition. You have one more week, guys and gals!

Things I like:

  • New courses. In fact, there's three of them being processed right now.

  • Folks who take courses

  • EPs who grade fast. That's really close to all of them.

  • Apprentices who graduate. And once I get a hold of FF and/or Jac, I plan to change some things around the SA to increase that number :-P

Things I neither like nor dislike:

  • Writing this weekly report. Gotta do it, right ?


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