Herald Report


Herald Report

I will be unavailable for this weekend and probably part of next week. Custom Lightsabers will be on hold for about 2 weeks.

What's going on? FORMAT C:\

I need to format and reinstall my OS. Things will be slow(er) in the HRLD office for a couple weeks until I can get everything back up and running.

-> <-

a couple of weeks? :P excuses. gl anyways.

D'oh - no HTML code allowed in comments. Bah.

About 95% of it is done right now. 6:15 PM EST 09/01/ 03.

The rest of the 2 weeks accounts for the time I'll have to work around life in general - such as my crappy RL job - before I can get to do other things, such as re-establish my FTP connection to DJB, build the new Custom Lightsaber Development Center, and hopefully get everything else, like Max 4, back on-line.



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