Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Hello again, Gladius! Time once more for the one thing that you look forward to all week...that's right, the House report!

Some happenings within the House this past week. There's some Phyle comps going on in the Mystics and Wizards, so I urge those of you in the Phyles to get in touch with your TET for details...and, to submit you entries, of course.

Also, look for some changes coming to the Clan in the somewhat near future. I won't explain what they are, until they either take place or I'm told that I can let the proverbial cat out of the proverbial bag. All I will say, however, is that they will work towards bringing the three Houses of Tarentum closer together. On the edge of your seat in anticipation yet?

Also, let's welcome a new face to the House. NOV Dranik transfered into Gladius yesterday, joining us from the reserves......damn stupid EH training... My mistake, he was ROGUE. So, yeah...everyone, welcome him..and, don't try TOO hard to scare him off, ok?

Oh, and before I forget...when I was looking for Dranik's e-mail address, I came across a name that I honestly hadn't noticed before. So, I belatedly welcome NOV Decease. I apologize if it seemed that I was ignoring you, but you just kinda snuck onto the roster. :D Hopefully, you won't think to ill of me or Gladius..

And, last but not least...SA courses and promotions! Firstly, let's all congratulate Spears on his promotion to PRT! Good job there, buddy.

Next, Ma'arkhan passed a few more SA courses. This week, he's gotten through ISET, ESET and Sith Tactics, all of which are Sith courses. Wish more of you guys would do these...

Well, that's about it this week, Gladius. Have a fun, safe and productive week...and I emphasize the PRODUCTIVE.

p.s. To Zig and Alanna, who I've CC'ed this to....I apologize profusely for not sending you my reports from the past few weeks. My simple mind just completely forgot. So..please don't demote me!! :D

KP Jason Hunter (Krath)/QUA/Gladius of Tarentum [ACC: L]



SQXO/LCNL Jason Hunter[SSD Balestarius]/Wing Xiphos/Kunai



--Proud Wing V Vet! WC's OWN: MAR 2001, SEPT 2001

Wing V, The Hammer's Hellfighters: Winner, TIE Corps Commander's Award --

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