Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

well its that tme again kiddies. And i have some good news for you i will be back to full acktivity very soon and when i do get back im going to be unveiling a few competions ive had in the works before i had to go away. ohh and in case anyone cares we have 20 tons left so i should be back in a week or two with a little luck.

now on to the meat of the report.

the most wonderfull thing happned this week some body new show some activity and it would be Keiran. so to you Keiran i award a book of free drink tickets good at the HPG bar. also of mention vicious did a wonderfull job and got some shiney so you too get a free drink ticket book. well i think thats about it for now if if forgot anything im sorry i got off the boat at 4 pm and started drinking but i took a small break to get this done so now im going back to the party talk to you all later

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