Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Hello people, welcome to a fully functionally Arso. During the past week at my school all the freshman moved in, and with them they brought all those viruses that are going around right now. So, our network nerds here at school decided to pass around a disc with removal tools and a free anti-virus program, and they decided to not turn the internet back on until everyone on campus connected to the network ran it. ONLY about 3000 computers. SO needless to say, internet is back and viruses are bad. So on to mr. report


Waza is still on semi-leave. He is off and on here. In the mean-time I am in charge of the clan at the moment.

We received a new member this week, NOV Beowulf. Everyone welcome him to the house. His email is [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. Write a short welcome letter to make him feel more comfortable in joining our lovely house.

The feud is still happening, if you don't know about it, shame shame shame.

When the feud is over, I am looking into having a small competition involving the master/student pairs. If you are not involved in the master student program, email me and I will get you set up.



You know about it. You hear about it every day! Go challenge any fellow from Arcona to a match of some sort. So far Bane, Tatsu, Waza, Thunderchild, Volant, and Myself have participated. Make your clan proud and fight for us.

GFX for the feud!!!!

If you haven't made a graphic for the feud, get on it. If you need any ideas email me. I can help!

Challenge the AED! (Play Arso, and win then get a medal!)

So far Tatsu and Bane have played me, and both have won. I am making this challenge open to you JK players as well. I dusted off my old old old jedi knight discs that I used as coasters, installed them and I wanna play you guys! Medals will be awarded to those that beat me.


Today is the last day to get submissions in. I won't release the final results until the competition is concluded. The standings are tight, and it could be anyone's game.

AED Notes

The feud is about over. If you haven't participated, get into it. And if you get an email from someone in Arcona, make sure to reply to their challenges. I don't want a bunch of people in the house who are too lazy to reply to simple challenges. There is plenty to do for everyone, so get involved, and if you feel like you aren't getting enough stuff to do, let me know! I only want to see Kirleta succeed. That's it for this week.

OT Arso Slyth (Obelisk)/AED/Kirleta of Satal Keto

(If anyone is interested in earning an easy medal, I could use an html template for my reports, anyone who reads this email is permitted to participate, and summits let your people know as well)

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