Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Hello Vashino,

Sorry about the lack of reports. Iv been a bit sidetracked with my vacation to Hawaii as well as the interesting prison that people like to call school.

In light of recent events, Vashino has been stripped down to about 5 players. This is due to the inactivity of people, so what we have now is our nucleus of active and strong members. Id like to see our ranks increase, so lets try recruiting some people to make our numbers swell. Make sure that the people do have an idea that activity means playing at least once a week and joining IRC channels to talk and or have discussion. Id like to apologize for my lack of activity these past few weeks. Iv had little participation in the feud due to miscommunitcation, which led to my mass email challenge. I dont suggest doing this really if you dont want to play. We have had complaints from Kaek about my tactics as well as Tatsu's so if you dont plan on taking on these challenges, you may become a marked member! Just playin.

Activitywise, gj Tatsu on your feud wins as well as activity in the OHC tourney. Gj Morrigan on activity as well as crashing our heads in about the student/master program. Aishea, I haven't exactly kept up with your progress, so you can email me telling me what you have done etc.

Simple things like participating in #outerrim training nights is a good way to play and increase activity with a bonus of CFs. Just play and get medals...nice huh?

The feud is in it's final stages. Those who can should make a graphic for the Feud. The dismemberment shot competition ends monday, so get those chopped up body part shots and email them.

That's all for now. I will try to resume my normal posting on Thursdays as soon as the chaotic wormhole of school begins to settle down.

JH Bane

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