Consul Report


Consul Report

Taldryan CON Report 8-31-03

Ok I thought I wasn’t going to be able to get this out until monday, but my gf is taking a nap so I think I can get it done before she wakes up. So here we go..

DB News

-Not much new DB-wide news this week, other than the HRLD is having some computer issues so the HRLD’s office will be slow for the next week or so

-The Krath Monthly Topic for September is “Songs of Experience”, see for all the details

-The CHAN has posted a poll on concerning Cresents, I encourage everyone to go and vote!

-The HRLD has bought a registered copy of mIRC stats, if you want to go check it out, here’s where you can find it:

-The ACC running smoothly!! To go check it out and get started on participation, go to I’ve joined and done my training, so if you join you will be able to fight me!!

-Interclub Training Nights will be held every Saturday, at 4pm, in #Outerrim, get in there and represent Taldryan!

-For more news you know where to go, the Main DB News page, found at:

Taldryan News

-There has been some discussion between the House and Clan summits on the topic of recruitment. We’re tossing around several ideas to bring more new members into the clan so while you’re all waiting on any official announcements try to get out there and find us some new members!

-Also one more thing, if you have not signed up for the ACC yet, DO SO NOW! This will become very important in the upcoming weeks for some possible competitions, you don’t want to be left out of this! And remember the ACC isn’t just for Krath, its for all Orders, so go to to check out the rules, then login to and signup now!!

-Alright, time to announce the new Cohors Praetoria for the next two weeks! And my honor guard will be…Freshjive and Mordin! Freshjive has been doing great so far as PCON and will continue to be an important asset to Taldryan, and Mordin hasn’t been back very long but is already proving to be very active, congrats you two!

-Remember, the Clan Taldryan site has switched hosting and can now be found at:

-Shadowhawk’s song competition was supposed to end today, I’m not sure if she extended the deadline or not, but if your working on a submission, get it in now! Here’s the description if you missed out on it before:

“Words for Williams” Comp

Write lyrics for any Star Wars movie theme

Humor is good

Scanning correctly with the chosen song is vital

It starts on my birthday and runs to the end of the month!


Amethyst Star for first

Sapphire Star for second

Emerald Star for third

Email submissions to Shadowhawk at [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

All submissions are due by 8/31/03, only ONE WEEK LEFT!!


NOV Dark Sabre to House Ektrosis

OT Shadow Warrior to House Cestus


DJK Shaithis Var’rek to OT

PRT Duga Arkarso to GRD

NOV Dark Sabre to ACO

Congratulations to all of you!!


Mordin Malchia – Cluster of Fire (10)

Awarded for: OHC Cup

Duga Arkarso – Cluster of Fire (3)

Awarded for: OHC Cup

Congrats to all!

-If you ever need to see an old CON report, all of mine are up on the site as well!

That’s all for this week, as always if you have any questions/comments/just want to talk, feel free to email me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] or just go onto IRC, I’m logged on quite often!

Cohors Praetoria Taldryan – Freshjive and Mordin

KAP Kir Katarn (Krath)/CON/Clan Taldryan [ACC:L]



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