Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

House Primus Goluud

Weekly Report #28

September 1st, 2003

QUA: Jonuss Rai

AED: Raistlin

SGT: Pheniox


Comps are going on, comps are completed. Look below for results and all that stuff.


I am going over the final list of active members and within the next few days our house will be made up of active and LOA members (who plan on being active when they come back). If you feel that you are on the list of inactives and you shouldn't be, oh well, you've had a month to tell me and I have sent emails out to those who were on the AWOL list. It's not like this snuck up on us, it's been going on for a little over a month. I don't want to here any bitching.


Awards for winning competition submissions will be submitted when I've gone over the results. I think we only finished the Most Wins Competition, so that shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

As for promotions, there were none this week.

Awards: CFs and DCs for Vicious from last week's OHC event, CF for Raist, and a cookie for me for taking 12th in the tournament last saturday. w00t go me!

Most Wins Competition results!

1st: Vicious

2nd: Raist

Honorable Mention(Automatic 3rd): Keiran (for trying a couple of times against me and just not winning :P)

Appropriate crescents will be awarded to you guys, congrats!

That's it for this week, any questions or comments email me or catch me on IRC.

email: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

IRC: ``Rai

Exarch Jonuss Rai

Primus Goluud Quaestor

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