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Proconsul Report


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(#10) PCON Report: 1 Sep 03

The feud is coming into the home stretch, and it has not been without its speed bumps. Nevertheless, we must press on and fight.

<marquee style="font-family: Verdana; font-style: italic; font-weight: bold" width="423">This is a FEUD...not a tea party--go bust some heads!!!!</marquee>

The run-on is moving a little slower than desired, but it is getting done, all the same. The Krath have a fair showing at the ACC, and out of 13 judged battles, CSK has won 9. There are quite a few left to go, but I have confidence in our Krath warriors. Remember Aleema, you also have graphics to submit for and a fiction...I hope they have been getting their attention as well.

The Obelisk burst into a fine display of activity this past week, I hope they can keep it up. Galthain is still confusing to me as I have not seen much of what is going on there. I am hoping that their QUA has the reins pulled in the right direction, we shall see...

** LEFT TO DO:**

Graphics!!!--piece o' cake...any submission will be counted, so do something :)

Run-On!!!--it's floatin' around with Xehr, last I needs to get moving, I know you guys are doing your best, and I appreciate that, tremendously. Don't forget that this is time/participation sensitive...that is why I am on the "speed it up" kick.

_ I realize this report is considerably condensed this week, I'm sorry that I have not graced you with much to read. I have been privy, as of late, to some things that have angered me and I do not wish to spew them all over the Clan. Suffice it to say, there are individuals who claim that "This is a CLUB and not something to destroy people's fun about", yet, that is all they seem to do with their self righteous comments and "holier than though" mentality. I hope for a change..._



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