Krath High Priestess Report


Krath High Priestess Report

  1. Boo, i'm back from holiday!

  2. New KMT: (yeah, I know you've all seen it on the competition's page already :P)

Write a love sonnet for Dark Jedi. It should be tragic and poignant.

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Instructions for sonnets (I'll try and write some simpler ones when I get a minute):

  1. Trev's KMT:

Songs of Experience. Compose poetry and prose, in order to educate the next generation of Dark Jedi.

(see earlier post)

... and if we catch you trying to enter the same poem for both KMTs, you'll be told off :P

  1. I want to run a poll. But I don't know what on :P E-mail me suggestions :)

(Actually this is a serious request - if there's any Krathy area you think could be run better, let me know and I'll see if other people agree.)

  1. I have 200+ e-mails! What are you all doing being so active?! ;) I'll get through them as quick as I can.


New Poll for Krath

Is our KHP the sexiest woman known to mankind?
1: Damn right
2: Hell yeah
3: Of course she is
4: Was there ever any doubt?

Welcome back lanniebabes ;)

What's "poignant", anyway? I don't speak French that well :P


Err... kinda sad and moving.

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