Aedile Report


Aedile Report

House Marka Ragnos AED Report 1/9/2003

Okay folks since I'm finally comfortable in my new job I thought I'd write a report to make it look like I'm doing my job. Don't worry It'll be short. :p

Unfortunately I've got very little to report but we do have some good news, there are plenty of comps running across the DB and we've got some familar faces who've come home to the clan along with a new member.

So let's welcome back DJK Sildrin and KAP Iylan Kano and give a typical drunken welcome to our newest member NOV Manji! :)

As for Krath comps just check out especially the KHP's report.

Plus the Exodus fiction comp will be running indefinitly so that's some easy medals up for grabs. There's also the run on to take part in.

Ok folks there you have it. I you do participate in anything please send it to me as well as our dark mistress aka our QUA GhostAngel.

KAP Janos Silverwulf(Krath)/AED/Marka Ragnos of Naga Sadow

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