Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report


Another week done in HOO. A lot of news, this time, so read it carefully.

DB News

Yeah baby, there's a lot of news in DB.

First, the Head Master of the Shadow Academy KPN Kaiann, is looking for mission designers for Sith. Rekio needs someone who have experience and skills, so he can help to design a course for the Sith. Interested? Shoot an email to [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Second, OHC Khobai is making a poem competition: A dumb one. Although it's mainly for the Obelisk, Siths can participate, as we are a bit better than Obelisk for writing.


1) The Topics: Raping, Killing, Pillaging, and/or Pimping.

2) No word used can have over 5 letters ("cat" is legal, "kitten" is not).

3) No alliteration, consonance, or any other "clever" poetic device can be used. Don't try to be intelligent.

4) Minimum Length: 50 words (or 50 things you consider words).

5) Your poem must be really dumb and make no sense. This is the most important rule. Any attempt at making sense will result in instant disqualification--seriously.

The poem that makes the least sense, has the highest comedic value, and still manages to stay somewhat on topic, will win.

Send submissions to OHC Khobai ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]); the deadline will be September 30th.

Third, our former QUA is looking for a Praetor (an Assisant).

Below is a list of requirements that I am looking for in a Praetor. Please touch upon each point in your application.

  • Extensive experience in multiplayer for X-Wing Alliance OR Jedi Knight 2

  • Ability to be on IRC at various times of the day/week

  • Ability to host MP games with a high-speed connection

  • 24 hour mail turn-around time

  • at least six months experience in the DB, and have held some sort of command position

  • Ability to work well with mylsef and various other DB members or members with other clubs.

  • Any other abilities or experiences which may help your application. You may also include references if you wish

Should you apply, you must be comitted to be here for the long-term. You will mostly be involved with the running of the GMRG and Guilds, but you do not have to be in the GMRG at this time. All applications go to [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. I hope to have someone chosen by my next report if possible.

Clans News

Read the report by Mejas! :P

House News (what's interesting)

DA Tarkin has left us because of a lack of motivation. I understand the feeling, and I wish him good luck in any projects he have. BUT COME BACK SOON! ;)

A new member is with us! Please welcome NOV Sykes in HOO. He's a great asset to our House, and I'm sure he will have a brilliant career with us! :)

Talking about Sykes, he has submitted a pilot file for the feud, which bring us to 5 points for our Clan so far! Go HOO!

He has also completed Sith ISET with a score of 95% and Sith Core with 91%. Keep it up!

Oh yeah...Lenzar and Sykes have flown for fun! Congrats to Lenzer for his victory. Don't worry Sykes, I'm sure you gonna win next time :)

What can I do for HOO?

1-Well, recruit! We're getting bigger, and a bigger House means positions available!

2- Keep participating in the FEUD! We need to bring victory to our Clan!

3- Talk with the other by any form of communications available :P

4- If you have any questions, comments, ideas, email me!

Have a nice week,

QUA/SWM Rakhai

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