Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

SGT Malchia's Report #4

Good week, we all owned on activity this week, even SwipeR got CFs! Speaking of which, from TODAY on, is when I start the 2 games per week MINIMUM! If not, you get the boot. So send me SS's. I would say CF's, but, there's only 2 times per week to get CF's and that's just too tight of a time frame to work on. DF HISTORY IS DUE BY 030926.


I, the Magnificent Mordin Malchia, have arranged a house vs house feud with Kirleta, if verified by all the higher ups, it will start 030929 and go until 031013. There will be 2 events. A trash talking thing which I don't understand quite yet, Arso will have details which I will pass along, and 2 ladders, 1 for JK and 1 for JO. I will not allow us to lose the JK or JO, so SwipeR, you better play.

The ICTE (Interclub Training Event) is every saturday

at 4pm est in #outerrim. Go play and earn a few CFs,

its a good way to meet ppl from other starwars clubs.

Darkfire History

General history about how DF came to be, open to all of Dinaari, but pretty much, if you're in DF, this acts as a AWOL check. So pretty much, do it or you're out. Same as with CF's, no acceptions. It ends 030926 believe. Send all submissions to me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses]




Ok, we owned all this time.

SwipeR- 4 CF's

Benevolent- 6 CF's

Duga- 5 CF's

Flech- 1 CF

Mordin- Promoted to OT, 45 CF's, and a DC.

P.S. My CF's were because last week none came in. :P

We own.

OT Mordin Malchia (Obelisk)/SGT/Dinaari of Taldryan [GMRG: SP] [ACC: INI] GC/(StA-WG)/DC-KC-O-CS/(SN)/(BN)/Cr-1S-2A-8R-4D/CF-RF-GF-PF/DSS/SoL {SA: U:TL-U:TSC-G:LS-G:IRC-O:CORE}

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