Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

A day early, I know...but I want to clean out my inbox. It's overloaded with stuff for you guys, which is good! While I may complain about being innundated with e-mails, it's always rewarding to see some activity...which I'm going to be addressing later on in this report.

Anyways, getting things rolling.. Promotions! One promotion has crossed my desk this week, and that one would be for our very own Spears! That's right, this up-and-coming star of Gladius has been promoted again! He's now a GRD, so show him the appropriate respect...if you're a PRT and below, that is.

But, I've gotta say that Spears got one of the best reccomendations I've ever seen. It came from Oberst, who's not even in the House, which speaks quite a bit for Spears getting notice. Spears has been a great help to him with helping to get a new, updated Clan history, plus he's been an indisposable member of the Headmaster's staff...plus lots of other things that escape me right now. All I can say, though, is that I'm extremely proud to have a Jedi of such caliber in this House. Spears puts himself fully into the Brotherhood, and he may very well become one of the most well-known members for all he does. By the time all is said and done, it wouldn't surprise me to see him in my spot, if not higher.

But, enough of praising one person, let's move on.

Well, we're not moving on to far, because Spears comes up again...doesn't that guy ever stop!? ;p This time, though, I have to mention that he's done EVERY SA COURSE! That's right, all of them. Got a lot of time on his hands, apparently.

And now, medals! Which, Spears comes into mention again, with being award a Star of Antei. Gawd, take a break, man!

But, we've got another medal to mention. This time it went to ACO Storm Thunderbird, who was awarded a Crescent with Quartz Star for placing first in a 3D graphic comp held by X-Pilot over in Cestus. Good work!

I've got another comp going right now, which doesn't mean that you're to overlook and forget my other comp. However, this one is designed to be fun, and nothing but. I sent out an e-mail earlier in the week, but I'll mention it again. Basically, you take any member of the House, and describe what kind of god they'd be. Like, using my example again, would be benevolent and love everyone, or be evil and lock everyone in purgatory for all eternity because I feel like it? So...do that, like..now. That way, you get credit for doing it, and leave yourself time to work on your story for my other comp...remember that one? Yeah, you better.

Ok, and now to address general activity. I've noticed lately that we've been pretty lax in what we do around here. Now, I know that as a House we havn't been anything but lazy in general. But, I've seen slacking off destory an entire TIE Corps Wing, and I don't want to see that happen here. I do know, however, that we have some of the most dedicated Krath in the entire Order and that none of us will let that happen...but, it's still a possibility. So, I want each of you to do something to increase the activity.

TETs, run as many comps as you can and keep pressing your Tyros to participate. Tyros, do those comps, and write other things as well. I'm working on a few stories myself at the moment, one of which is already 11 pages and not even close to being half-way done. And, I've also gotten some ideas from playing JA.

Basically, I want to see everyone doing something. If not, I'll be getting in contact with you personally and addressing if you really want to be in this House. Some of you might not like me breathing down your necks, but, I'll do what I must to keep this House up to our usual level of performance and prominence. I see myself as having been a pretty poor QUA, with not doing much to improve the House and bring us closer together. True, I've done some things, but not like I should be. Plus, I havn't been that good of an example. I've been a slacker lately, too, and I can see that affecting the rest of you...especially our younger members.

Ah, I just got an idea... But, I'll detail that later, once I run it by Sithie.

Ok, enough of my ranting and lecturing. I'll talk to you all shortly, and hopefully we'll get something going to get activity running again.

Again, see you all in a week, and have a fun, safe, and productive one!

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