Headmaster Report


Headmaster Report

Another week, another Saturday, another report...

The big thing this week of course was the Shadow Academy restructure that is now in full force and providing Clans with Apprentices. This change should approximately double graduation rates and thus ultimately gain Clans twice as many new members as before (more for some notoriously unlucky Clans whose assigned candidates never made it through Phase 2).

I have also contacted all existing APPs (except those who joined over 6 weeks ago and never did Phase 1) to notify them they can now make it in without the Phase 2 course, so this should get us a few more active members too, especially in the fighting orders.

P:SCL JaM3z has been a huge help to me in this endeavor and he has received his just reward (see separate news post). While on the rewards front, GRD Spears has been appointed M:HM for great work.

On a less happy note, we have to say good bye to Cuchulain in the HM office. He has been a great acting HM during my leave in July and I'm sure had his RL not interfered, Cooch would have become Praetor and a strong contender for the next HM - even though I don't plan on giving up any time soon, so don't get your hopes up :-P

On the Shadow Academy pages, you'll find a new file - the Dark Jedi career guide. This is an introduction into the first steps as a member of the DB, from joining to approximately Protector. It especially details what you can do to make it from rank to rank. If you are a junior member, have a look (and then get yourself promoted)!

On my "to do" list is the MSN Messenger course by Tiss, still sitting in my mailbox (sorry), and a short briefing document about how to improve your corse pass rate. Most fails I see are really caused by failing to adhere to four simple rules.

So, your weekly 2 minutes with the HM are over. Now go, pass a course. They're not just for occupying disk space on the server, you know.

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