Krath High Priestess Report


Krath High Priestess Report

Not much has happened this week so I'll basically repeat my last report. I have a few things in the planning stage at the moment, so hopefully there'll be a more interesting report next week.

  • September KMTs:

"Songs of Experience"

The lore of the Dark Side has been passed down from Master to Student through song for millennia. What songs did your Master pass to you? Which ones will you pass to your students?

There is no set format for submissions, though I would like a minimum of 60 lines, to encourage you to develop a complex message. Think about what lessons should be passed, about the nature of the Dark Side, and what themes a Dark Jedi might commit to song, to educate the Journeymen. Submissions will be judged primarily on quality of the lesson. Entries will automatically be entered into the Second Chance Competition for this month, that carries the possibility of earning an additional Star of Antei for submitting a work I deem appropriate for the Chronicle of Dark Souls.

Send all entries to Trevarus at [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

“Love Sonnet”

Write a love sonnet for Dark Jedi. It should be tragic and poignant.

Instructions for sonnets (yeah, I know I never got around to simplifying these :P):

Submit to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] in .doc or .txt

  • Epic comp:

Take the persona of some ancient powerful Dark Jedi. It must be some non-descript person, so no official characters, but some ancient Jedi that didn't make it to quite such heights of power. Tell his, or her, story.

As this is an epic tale, you may start from the very beginning of his life to the very end, or even before and after, however you prefer to write it. You may tell of how he came to the Sith, or the Dark Side. . . his struggles at creating his own 'empire' or perhaps just his struggles at conquering his own planet. He could have had contact with the true Sith Lords at one time or another, depending on the time frame you choose to place it in. Keep in mind that if you're looking to the future. . . there are ways that certain characters don't have to die, in case you get too attached to the man or woman you're writing about. I'll let you figure that out, though. The goal is to tell the story of this character in a way that they are a solidly developed character at the end of the tale, one you could possibly even use in future stories, or even broader House and Clan run-ons.

We're expecting entries to be in the 10+ pages range.

Submit to Ciara, Trevarus and Alanna



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