Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

I don't have many new items to relate in this report, so I'll try to

make it short and sweet, which will be to my benefit and to yours.

First, a quick reminder: mission reports for the 4 single player

missions sent out last week are due by October 4th. Fly some missions, have some fun, and maybe even win a shiny medal!

Second, ICTE is going on right now, so if you want to try to get some MP action in, go into #Outerrim on the Undernet.

Third, our glorious leader Rekio is trying to prompt some activity on the Tridens BBS, so go check it out and post a fun reply:

Fourth, our Sith High Warrior has stated on the news page that we're going to have a Sith War starting soon. I don't recall hearing details about that, but I must have just missed them. Anyway, if you want to know as much as I know, read the news page at Predator's article is entitled "The Sith Roll of Honor."

Last but not least, props to Daryus on his promotion to Guardian, Zero on his award of a Dark Cross, Rekio on his award of a Steel Cross, and to Oberst on his award of a Star of Antei! If I missed congratulating anyone, I can only plead permanent insanity, but it is clear that our House is the most decorated in the Sith, and that's nice to know.

Until next week,

JH Zeno Comnenus (Sith)/CMDR/Tridens of Tarentum, SC

"Welcome to House Tridens. We're creeping death."

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