Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Galeres Aedile Report for September 27th, 2003

Hola amigos de Galeres. It’s your illustrious Aedile, Syn Kaek here making his first ever Aedile report. Yeah, I figured I should actually make some reports rather than leave you guys in the dark about things that were going on. Anyways, since the Feud is now over, we have a lot of competitions coming up for you to participate in. I’m sure they’ll all run smoothly and will be fun for you to participate in. There will be rewards for all of them. In addition, I encourage you to play in the ICTE and take Shadow Academy courses. Please be sure to tell me when you do things like that. Most likely I will see them, but I like it when you people email me to let me know what you’ve been doing. It keeps us in touch and it lets me get to know you better. Bear in mind that ALL activity will be rewarded…not only with the feeling that you are having fun but also with medals and/or promotions.

Also, if you have any ideas for competitions or ideas on how to improve the house or a competition, do not hesitate to email me!

Anyways, I’ll get to the news now…

Brotherhood News

Hmm..I could rehash everything that you can read on the main brotherhood site or I could just tell you to go read the main site. Hmm…maybe I’ll compromise. Here’s your news in condensed format

KE Cooch resigned from CON of CSP

DGM Jac is on leave indefinitely


Yess…that’s right…you read correctly. It will be incorporated into future Obelisk competitions.

Clan News

Major happenings in the Clan this past week. PCON Voranyen resigned because of his poor connection and ability to stay in touch. Not surprisingly, KE JaM3z has been selected to replace him. KAP Tissaya Luna Agart was appointed QUA of Qel-Droma and KP Cyris Oscura became AED of Qel-Droma. Congrats to all who were promoted in the shift.

House News

We have two new arrivals this week. Templar Locust and Apprentice Gaunt have both joined us. I am extremely pleased with their arrival since both are extremely active and will significantly contribute to the power of our House. Welcome to both of you!


Wooo! Competitions. We have them geared up for you. First…House Competitions:

House Galeres Combat Ladder

Review the emails I had sent out earlier for more specific details. The ladder is currently filling out nicely and the JO portion will be on for this month. I intend to add JA as an active platform too this month since it doesn’t look like we have enough JK players. PLEASE SIGN UP. GET YOUR FRIENDS IN THE OTHER HOUSES TO SIGN UP. THE COMPETITION IS OPEN TO ALL OF ARCONA

House Galeres Mottos

While not yet approved, I am certain it will be. Please submit to me your suggestions for a House Motto and a Soulfire Brigade Motto. After I’ve received a few, we will vote on them. The winning entires will receive a DC. Simple competition that any of you should be able to participate in!

Clan Arcona Trivia Competition

Dark Brotherhood Scavenger Hunt

In addition to these competitions, an open Clan Melee Night is in the works. More information will be released later.

Good Stuff

Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of good stuff this week. Hehehe. A few members passed some Shadow Academy courses, which was good. I do not have those marked down at the moment but you know who you are. There were no promotions and no medals although we should be getting CFs and Crescents from the Feud within the next few days. We can do better than that but its all good since we’ve only just started up all these competitions again. I look forward to actually writing about some Good Stuff next time I report.


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Welllll….that sums up the report for this week. Again, don’t hesitate to email or chat with me on IRC about anything at all.

Obelisk Prelate Syn Kaek

Aedile of House Galeres

Magistrate to the Obelisk High Commander

All Around Pimp

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