Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report


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]( "Dark Jedi Crypt")
(#14) ** PCON Report: 28 Sep 03** </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="437" align="justify"> CSK got a bunch of new members since last week's report, so help me welcome the following individuals to the Clan:

SWL Armus (Sith)  

DJK Mark (Krath)  

APP Rathamon (Obelisk)  

APP Kiyuie (Krath)  

APP Dante (Krath)  

APP Kell Wraith (Krath)

Promotion guidelines can be found here: if you are interested in getting promoted. The best folks to get with are your immediate leadership, however, I am here if you need anything.

I must say that I am a bit disappointed in that no one has submitted anything, thus far, for the CSK System competition. In the long run I don't mind, it just means that everything gets to be my way and you'll have no say whatsoever. Therefore, you members who have a lot of time invested in your characters, might have to take more time to adjust them, since none of the planets will have a 'standard' breathable atmosphere when I get done with'em :)

CSK System Competition: Part 3a


The Feud with Arcona has ended and CSK is ready to resume its exploration of 
our system. KAP Dalthid, at the behest of SO Gord Darkonian, has sent the 
three Houses of CSK on an expedition to the four furthest planets in the 
system: Eli' ant, Vale, Boreas and Keldor. The purpose of which will be to 
gather information on each planet with detailed descriptions of life forms, 
weather patters, landscape, environment etc--(don't forget moons).  

Inevitably, this is like 4 competitions in one; the instructions below are 
imperative as your submission counts matter. House Leaders: your Houses have 
been gaining points through the processes of this system development, the 
winning House will be awarded a special opportunity at the culmination of 
the competitions. It is in your best interest to ensure that your House 
members follow the instructions below, as _not_ doing so will be 
detrimental to how your House fairs when results are tallied.

Start Date: 9/18/2003

**End Date:** 10/18/2003  

This should be completed in a data-type format, not a story. More like a 
report or a log, to be specific, so there is no need for proper structure.  


Standard Crescents for 1st-3rd.  


Please submit data sheets for _each individual planet_, in four 
separate files. A planets' moons can be included in the main planet file. 
You **MUST** include your ID line or the submission will **NOT** be 
counted. Submit to []( The  current CSK system layout can be found 
at [](  

If I get submissions mailed to me they WILL be deleted, you will not get credit and it would be as if I never received it.

SotN and AoD: Where are you? Are you spineless Krath? Or are you Warriors that actually know how to read and form complete sentences? Well...prove it! (Ask your TET's for details...worms). Bring me your best so I can beat you down like your TET's :P (woa...Dalthid's gettin' nasty).

Huge Congratulations go out to the following individuals:

_KP Maradis Jenkar:_ 2nd straight MONTH without a QUA report from 
Aleema and '0' reports ever posted on  

_SWM William Waffennass:_ 1 MONTH + since last AED report from Galthain 
and '0' reports ever posted on  

_SO Gord Darkonian:_ NEVER has posted a report as CON on   

--Let's give 'em all a big hand...yayyyy! (C'mon guys, you know I dig ya, 
but this is nuts)

**Antei Combat Centre: **Always a booming success for Krath, Sith and Obelisk...get in there and test your mettle. If you need any pointers, I am more than willing to help...just drop me a line. Also, if you have any problems with the Judge's or their comments...please let me know!!!

Star Wars Galaxies: I am currently looking for any CSK members who are playing the game and on the Scylla server. The Dark Jedi Brotherhood Players Association is a Guild for the DJB, and therefore, is treated as such for activity and trinkets. The "in-game" PA is also on the verge of being guilded, so get in now while the membership is moderate to ensure you get all the good benefits along the way :)

Aleema ACO Jasmine has been named Roll Master (RM) of Aleema, congratulations! and she's even got a report up :)

**Galthain **is pushing for recruits...go get some! SW Vessicant requests that he be CC'd for all submissions for the tracking of activity. He is also hosting a "Top Ten" Competition..."Top ten things Galthain can do to raise money to re-supply the bar"

<font color="#0000FF">Kirleta</font> pressing ahead as usual. Keep up the good work! Kudos to you folks who participate in the WoW's and the ICTE' guys rock!


Not that all awards aren't important, or even promotions for that matter. But here I would like to focus on 1 particular achievement each week, this week:

Medal Requested: Grand Cross of the Dark Side (GC)

Requested for: **SW Vessicant (Sith)**  

The request was made by: SWL Predator (Sith)  

Reason given for request:  

For leading his in a manner which brings honour to himself and his clan and, 
more importantly, his order. His reports are always on time and have lots of 
information, as well as many things which he has made for the house to do. A 
bit lightside-ish for my taste as he has yet to kill any members, but all in 
all, he has lead with skill in the best traditions of the Sith.  

Well done and keep up the great work!  

His Fishness  

Sith Warlord Predator  

Sith High Warrior  

Congratulations Vessicant!!


The Interclub Training Event (ICTE); Saturdays 4pm in #outerrim. Platforms= JK, JO, XWA, XVT...pretty much anything :)

KP Selket says hi.

This Week's Cooties:

This weeks cooties go to DJK Shadow who got spanked by me in the ACC...much like the rest of you...muahahaha :) </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="437">

<font size="2">KAP Dalthid </font>** (Krath)/PCON/Clan Satal Keto <font color="#ff9900"> <small>[ACC: TRN]</small></font>**<small><font size="1">

</font><font style="font-size: 6pt">GC/(SC-SoA)/(StA-WG)/DC-KC-O-CS/(GN)/(SN)/Cr-2E-4S-7A-14R-6D/CF/DSS</font></small><font size="1">

</font><font style="font-size: 6pt"> {SA:U:TL-U:TSC-G:LS-G:IRC-K:CORE-K:GS-K:POET-O:CORE-S:CORE-S:ISET-S:ESET-S:TAC}</font>**

**<font size="1">DBPA: _</font> Aceph Dalthid/DoP_ </td> </tr> </table>

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