Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

"Someone is always watching." -Helba, .hack//INFECTION

Greetings from the Iron Scone...

First, my apologies for the late report. This weekend had me in a couple places, so I was far away from a computer. That, and I had school work to attend to. But hey, better late than never, right?

To make up for my lateness, I've submitted medal and promotion recommendations for the people who were active during the month of September. Since I just put them in, and they haven't been approved yet I don't want to spoil any surprises. However, people who were consistently active and participated in the House competitions were the ones rewarded; you know who are.

In that vein, I have decided to place a Tetrarch in command of the Shadow Warriors. I feel that this will break up the type of competitions Ektrosis will have, and it will also give everyone else someone to blame when things don't go right :P. So, congratulate Dark Sabre on his first Brotherhood leadership position, and his promotion to Guardian (which is pending)! I'm sure he'll send out a nice letter on the Yahoo!Group to everyone.

Also, a big welcome to Apocalypse, our newest member! He's already achieved Novice, and I'm waiting for him to finish the Test of Skill so I can promote him to Acolyte!


Ektrosis: Vote for your Phyle motto on the Yahoo!Group! And submit to the Orb of Pomojema competition. So far, I've received no submissions! Submissions are due by Friday, October 3rd, so get them in.

Taldryan: The ACC Ladder, which has already started, so if you didn't get into it, you're out of luck. If you ARE in it, go fight!

Krath: See the KHP's report for full details, but the September KMTs.

Brotherhood: The Scavenger Hunt, which ends on October 6th (next Monday).

Awards, Promotions, and Other Nice Stuff!

Promotions: Apocalypse to NOV

Awards: Cr-E to Xuthen, Cr-E to me!

Shadow Academy: Leadership and ICQ: Dark Sabre; IRC Basics: Apocalypse

And so...

This ends another week. And now, your moment of Zen:

Dark Sabre: promo? plz

DA Shadow Virus (Krath)/QUA/Ektrosis of Taldryan [ACC: INI]



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