Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Wooo, another good week of activity.....even Swiper got into the action hehe. On a sad note, I had to remove several of you from Dark Fire because you did not answer Mordins AWOL check, which I believe was to write a history. It was a very simple assignment, would have taken you a few minutes to write up some bullshit story and email it to him. I'll leave it up to Mordin on whether he will let yall come back into the brigade at a later date or not. I know this is just a club, but to keep things in a semblance of order, I reccomend you follow the chain of command.....it really helps those in charge keep things neat and simple.


The ICTE every saturday in #outerrim at 4pm est

Thursday Night Bash every thursday in #obelisk 6-10pm est

The house fued is supposed to start Monday, Im not really sure about that though. Ive heard no confirmation, I've given Mordin free reign on it since it was his baby from the start, so he should know something by Monday sometime.


Face Loran comes back from the rouges and joins our ranks.


Shaithis- 6 CFs, 1 DC

Mordin- 15 CFs, 1 DC

Flech- 1 CF, Cr-1A

Shadow- Cr-1S

Swiper- 4 CFs

Benevolent- 6 CFs

Duga- 5 CFs

I like long medal lists, makes me all warm and fuzzy inside...


I know it may seem trivial to some of you, but it really rubs me the wrong way when someone asks you to do something and you just totally blow them off. Its like basicaly saying fuck you and turning away before they can say anything back, I really hate that. Next time, when the person who has the privelage of leading a battle team, house, or clan asks you to do something do it unless its something totally out of the question. But a simple AWOL check is so easy to do, its rediculous that ppl dont do them. If you dont have the time, fine, email the person in charge and let them know. We cant force you to do it, but it really makes things run alot smoother if you take a few minutes and do it. The moral of the story is.....dont be a bum, do what is requested of you or I will pay you a visit. You really dont want that to happen now do you, I can be very persuasive in person. Anyway, yeah, thats the rant for this week.

OT Shaithis Var'rek (Obelisk)/QUA/Dinaari of Taldryan [ACC: L]



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