Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Darkness,

Just a quick reminder on this point, most people seem to have got the point but for those that haven’t (and never read my reports) :-

E-mail Change I am now using my Fast24 e-mail account, don't worry I still have access to the other one and I will be checking it but I want to slowly phase it out to...

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So please start using that instead.

Another point is house reports, send them to me, recently I gave out some medals, at least part of the reason for that is those people (the house leader) ALWAYS send me a report, if you want me to be on your house mail group I am cool with that it lets be keep up with the house happenings and to chirp in with witty comments.

The main news for this week is by FAR the Sith War!

I am not going to supply any details here as I have already posted on the news page and on the main page of the Message board and the Sith message board, so go and get the info their.

The only point I will make is have fun and if you have any problems let me know.

Gord has returned (his computer does not like him) so we will enter the final stages of the testing of the battle center expect to see more on this next week I hope.

The battle center has the final touches being placed but I have now got ONE mail with battles but this is not enough, if you have submitted a battle in the past, submit it again, this is for two reasons, firstly it makes sure we have all the battles and secondly and for you more importantly to make sure you get rewarded, it also helps us to test the battle center.

PA in SWG is good fun, I am getting closer to bounty hunter, if you have the game join, if you don't have the game buy it!

Congratulations on all who got rewards recently, and good by to my Coochy I served under Cooch when I was QUA of HC (Pred was in CSP? Yes just not for long) best of luck to you mate, don’t be a stranger and come back soon.

As always anyone who has any problems, suggestions or comments please let me know on my new e-mail Address [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Your Brother in Darkness,

Sith Warlord Predator

Sith High Warrior of the Dark Brotherhoof

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