Great Jedi War: Solidarity


Great Jedi War: Solidarity

The Great Jedi War is now running. The first event currently open is Open 1: Run-on, which you can find here:

Further events will follow next weekend.

Look, people, look!

A few minor setbacks, but it actually hit shelves! :)

Good work so far to all those involved...

Can I blow up something soon? If I post on this runon there's going to be some sort of Gerbil god coming down from the sky in the mothership with parliament funkadelic shooting orange groove rays at anyone who wasn't a card carrying Free Love Vigilante.

Babble your way out of THAT, Krathys!

The thing that really bothers me about this is that since it's such an open ended run-on, it's impossible to come into it at this point. I miss one day of it and already they're like 5 pages into the thing. It would be pointless for me to pick it up at this point. I'm hoping later in the GJW there will be a part that is easier for me to post and keep up with.

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