Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

House Qel-Droma



Greetings Dark Brethen.

See the change up there?? :P Yeh, it's not Aedile anymore. Guess someone get drunk our Consul and he caused by his happy mood appointed me as a boss-lady of QD. =) And now you have to live with it, cruel fate, isn't it ? =P

You all know who is the new Aedile and new PCON so I won't repeat the obvious one more time. (however big WOOOHOOO and YAAAY for Cyris & JaM3z)

Oh btw, GREAT report Cyris!!!! You covered everything there, so lemme think about soemthing original to put in here to not repeat your lines. :P

hmm.... okay I got it. A messege of a day.... (sponsored by Enillias.)

Okay.. now, lets go back to business. :P


  1. First I'd like to congratulate to all who get promotions recently and to all who were awarded with medals.

Remember folx to CC me & Cyris in every submission for any competition, so we could monitor your activity.

  1. Reports. You MUST doing yer reports once per week if you're TET/AED/QUA. I do them, you can as well. No exceptions. BUT it doesn't mean your all reports must be equal. It up to you what information you wish to put there.. it can be say.. advices as for poems writing, as for ACC.. for anything. But will updated phyle informations. Or write few points what lower rank members of your phyle should do to get promotion. Be creative, and find your way of doing them. And do them on time!!

  2. Cyris, Arc and me will help ya soon with ACC fights. We gotta improve it since our ACC performance wasn't decant. Also Cyris set awesome character competition, and I'd like you all to take part.

  3. Remember Phyle War project? Well, it will come along soon. It was current CM idea so he works now at the intro story. It's going to be excellent event! And it will comeafter the ACC training thingy.

  4. Ah, how could I forgot. slaps herself Arrivals/departures.

In this week, a worth Qel-Droman and friend, decided that here our paths must split. Epis Anshar Kahn decided to to change his way, and left with the morning flight, to Clan Tarentum. Best luck Anshar, and remember, you always are welcome back in Qel-Droma.

Also, warm welcome to new comer, - Scalez. Welcome on board. ;-)


Character Development


September KMT


Epic Competition


Arc's party

for Dark Orb only


Arcona Trivia


Galeres Ladder



Epis Azazel DjoTarr

Epis D'hak

Epis Korbane Ashoka

Archpriest Kelvis Xavier

Archpriest Tissaya Luna Argat

Archpriest Trent Sterling

Priest Arcturus Gadeskin Xyler

Priest Cyris Oscura

Priest Vassan Rokir

Dark Jedi Knight Konrad Von Drakenhof Entar

Dark Jedi Knight Ktulu Mizheray

Dark Jedi Knight Leara

Dark Jedi Knight Strategos Thanatos Entar

Dark Jedi Knight Xander Torrent

Jedi Hunter Kris Omega

Guardian Alex Draconis Entar

Guardian Haste black

Guardian Kandos Katarn

Guardian kronos omega

Protector Dalk Darklighter

Protector Jandos Phyleus Kalinor

Protector Oscar

Protector Parn of Lodoss

Acolyte Enilias

Acolyte Xrath Darksythe

Novice Morgan

Apprentice Scalez

And that's all folx!


Krath Archpriestess Tissaya Luna Argat

House Qel-Droma Quaestor of Clan Arcona

Eclectic Pedagog of Dark Jedi Meditation & ICQ Studies

ACC: Fighter




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