Chancellor Report


Chancellor Report

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Fleshy's Momentary Rip-Off of The Weekly Jac

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Announcements this issue:

<!--Things In This Issue List--> $one: Future Plans for the Office of Chancellor

$two: Thanks to Everyone

$three: Apologies to Jac

$four: Fleshy's College Football Update

$five: Medals Thus Far

<!--End Things In This Issue List-->

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<!--ANNOUNCEMENT ONE--> Future Plans for the Office of Chancellor

Alright, well, I have quite a few plans for the Office of Chancellor. First and foremost, my goal for the Office is a 12-24 hour turn-around time after reccomendations are made for medals; however, this will not be possible for ALL medals. For medals such as the Grand Cross of the Dark Side and above, expect some delay - I will probably be looking into some of these reccomendations, and some of them will have to be discussed with Firefox and/or Jac. Also, if it's not done in 12-24 hours, don't complain to me yet - that's my goal but I can't be certain I'll always meet it. If it has been several days, however, feel free to e-mail me or message me on IRC (my nick is Sithlet), and I'll take care of it as soon as I can, which will probably be at that moment.

Next, like Firefox said, I am planning on creating new images for a lot of the medals. I have a list I am going to address, but I'll just keep that for now until I release them all. I don't think I'll need help with the graphics, but I may be asking for people's opinion on what they want to see, and if it becomes too much for me, I may ask for additional help from some of our gfxiz0rs. I'll see how the project goes and keep everyone updated. After updating the base medals that need updating, I'm hoping to add images for all of the upgrades, but this will only occur after the base medals are all finished, which I really don't have a time estimate for. Nevertheless, they are on my agenda for sometime down the road.

Next, medal utilization. I'd like to start awarding a variety of medals, and using everything we have. For instance, if you own a Quartz Crescent, you are in an elite group of 22 people...although this is the lowest Crescent in the Crescent structure. Why? Because there aren't very many battleteam competitions, and it can only be awarded for Battleteam competitions. Some other medals available that aren't widely used - the new Crest of the Strategist. Make some levels, everyone, I wanna hand these out. Now that we are without a database of our own TIE/XvT/XWA missions and JK/JO/JA maps, it'd be nice to have a few people who have the skills make some missions or maps. The medals are here for the taking! (Quick side note: This doesn't mean I want to see everyone reccomending Diamond Swords and Emerald Daggers for each other...some medals are rare for good reasons...others, however, are not.)

Finally, I'll be working off and on on a Chancellor site as I have the time. I'm also working on several other webpages along with all my other Chancellor duties and schoolwork, so this project is rather low priority for me, since a CHAN site is not actually needed currently to fulfilly my duties.




<!--ANNOUNCEMENT TWO--> Thanks to Everyone

Thanks to everyone who has congratulated me and offered any help/support. It is much appreciated and I'm very grateful for it...the DB really is like a Brotherhood. So a big THANKS to all of you.




<!--ANNOUNCEMENT THREE--> Apologies to -<font color="FF0000">Jac</font>-

Alright, well, Jac has an uber cool report layout, and I thiefified it. A little. Alright, alright, a lot. I will soon devise my own report layout once I have time though, and I hope Jac doesn't mind. So...all credit for a fancy HTML-type report in this fashion goes to his His Eminence, Lord Jac Ae-Sequiera Cotelin, Grand Master Emeritus, Deputy Grand Master, ex-Fleet Admiral, or as we all like to call him, That st00pid Jac Guy.




<!--ANNOUNCEMENT FOUR--> Fleshy's College Football Update

I know a lot of people out there don't care about (American) college football, but I'm posting this anyway. I hope none of you live in Wisconsin, because your football team, yet another one up North, has caused me great sorrow this weekend, as the Ohio State Buckeyes were tragically defeated in a narrow 17-10 victory. Oh cruel fates! Why? Hehe, but really, yeah, it was a dissapointing loss that snapped OSU's 19-game winning streak, and, since we get no respect, pretty much shattered our hopes for a repeat, even if that is our only loss of the season. My prediction for the National Championship game is currently Oklahoma vs. Virginia Tech.

Flech's Current Hate List Due to College Football: ]()

  • Michgian (Arch-rivals, need I say more? Sorry Kir.)

  • Miami, FL (A smaller rivalry, although they should know who's the better team after the Fiesta Bowl...)

  • Wisconsin (Self-explanatory due to the events of the weekend; also, too close to Michigan)



<!--ANNOUNCEMENT FOUR--> Medals Thus Far

The last section of all of my reports will be detailing the medals awarded for the week, or, assuming there are too many, those that are incredibly noteworthy. I haven't even been in office for 24 hours, and already I've awarded 6 medals to people, which, in my opinion, is awesome. For details on the actual reason for the medals, see the ]()reports page.Keep it up everyone!

-OPM Khobai Wrathwraven : Cluster of Fire

-OT Mordin Malachia : Cluster of Fire x3

-DJM Kaine Mandaala : Cluster of Fire

-ACO Dranik : Crescent with Emerald Star

-ACO Storm Thunderbird : Crescent with Topaz Star

-KAP Kidouses : Crescent with Quartz Star


Well, that wraps this up, my first report and my plans for the office of Chancellor. Thanks again to everyone!


The Sithlet


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Damnit Flech, I go to MICHIGAN STATE, not that stupid U of M school. But you guys play us too, its a shame we're going to have to beat you! Muahahaha!

That report was badass. ;D

Pwnzerizing report Flechy :P

Dinaari <3 Flechy.

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