Chancellor Report


Chancellor Report

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Fleshy's Rip-Off of The Weekly Jac

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Announcements this issue:

<!--Things In This Issue List-->   $one: Current Chancellor Happenings

  $two: New CoF Upgrades

  $three: Personal Stuffs

  $four: Medals This Week

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<!--ANNOUNCEMENT ONE--> Current Chancellor Happenings

Alright, current things happening here in the Chancellor Office. First of all, congrats to my new Praetor, DJK Xuthen i-Sa'onserei ui'lfrionn (henceforth known as Xuth, Xuthen, or Xuthles...and I thought my name was too long...). Xuthen is an extremely active member and has all the qualities I need for a Praetor - so thanks for agreeing to help me with everything, Xuth.

Next, I've been working on helping Oracle Trev (congrats!) with the first edition of the Dark Voice. I've been working on this for some time now and it is my number one priority to make sure everything is just as Trev wants it to be for the release. After this is done, I'll be starting my first projects for the Office of the Chancellor - designing new images for the medals. These medals will hopefully be more creative than previous incantations of our medals - more details on that later though. Oh, and they'll hopefully look damn good.

Final thing - I don't think any medals took longer than 12 hours to approve this week, which is good for me - so far, I've met my goal. Hopefully we'll try to keep it up! If you have any questions or problems with medals, just let me or Xuthen know and we'll take care of it ASAP. Finally, my e-mail has been changed to ]()[Log in to view e-mail addresses] so I can sort and manage my e-mails a lot easier by using Outlook Express (my old e-mail was an AOL address...and yes, it sucked).



<!--ANNOUNCEMENT TWO--> New CF Upgrades

Since a few members have finally broken the 250 CF barrier (by quite a bit by now - highest count is 366), new upgrades are being introduced for the Cluster of Fire. The Silver Flame (CF-SF) will replace the Black Flame as the 250 victories upgrade. The Gold Flame (CF-GoF) will be awarded at 500 victories, the Platinum Flame (CF-PlF) will be added at 750 victories, the White Flame (CF-WF) will be given at 1,000 victories, and the Black Flame (CF-BF) will remain the highest upgrade at a total of 1,500 victories. These changes will be implemented in the database immediately and should be reflected in the Dark Side Compendium soon.




<!--ANNOUNCEMENT THREE--> Personal Stuffs

In traditional Flechette fashion, I'm gonna explain some things about my life here. First off, I'm 19, and I'm an Undergrad student at The Ohio State University. As of next Tuesday, I'm switching to Management Information Systems (MIS), hopefully with a minor in Computer Science. I have my first midterms this week (boo), so I might (might?! What am I thinking? I will be, hehe) be gone a little extra this week studying. My favorite drink is Pepsi, and my favorite band is probably AFI. Hmm - both of my parents are military - and my Dad is coming home from the Middle East this week! Woo. I'm very proud of him for doing a tough job over there. Tomorrow, I'll be watching football with DGM Jac before OSU rocks Iowa. Unfortunately, I have no tickets, so I'll be stuck watching the game in my dorm room. How much does that suck? On the flip side, it'll let me get a start on the massive amount of coding I need to do for the Dark Voice. Yay. Other than that, there's not too much about me that I can think of to share. So...if you have any other questions about me, just ask and I'll answer next week.




<!--ANNOUNCEMENT FOUR--> Medals This Week

Time for me to announce the big medals! There are too many for me to list them all, but I'll notate some of the biggies here. For every medal this week and the actual medal blurbs, see the ]()reports page.Keep it up everyone!

OE Dagger : Ruby Scepter
For his outstanding service to the Obelisk Order and his commitment to designing levels for the Brotherhood. Congrats!

OT Shaithis Var'rek : Grand Cross of the Dark Side
For absolutely demolishing the OHC Cup competition and also being the high scorer. In addition, Shaithis is a highly active member who is an example for the entire order. Congrats, Shai!

KPN Kaiann : Crescent with Amethyst Star
For creating the word "opgasm." Need I say more?

OP William Flechette : Dark Cross
No, the medal isn't that big. But it's my report, and it's my medal, so there it is. If you know me, you know I love my Dark Crosses - all fourteen of 'em...1.6% of the DB's Dark Crosses. :P

Lots and lots of CFs! Congrats to everyone.


That's it for this report. I should be around if you need anything at all - just gimme an e-mail or a message or whatever.


The Sithlet


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