Emissary Report


Emissary Report

First I would like to thank Firefox and Jac on appointing me to this position. That said let's look at what's been done this week:

  • Contacted the CONs, heard back from all but one - but Jac has taken care of that.

  • Re-established the Assembly of Consuls yahoo group.

  • Discussion on plans for a weekly or every other week meeting of the Assembly begun

  • Had discussion with LCH Mav about some plans for the future and look forward to continued work with him

Well that's about all from me for this week, a bit of a short week but plan on gettiong more into the swing of things newxt week and increasing communications with the CONs and PCONs and throwing ideas around once we're sure that "everyone" is settled in, comfortable, and ready to move ahead.


Lord Tron Sadow


KPN Tron Sadow (Krath)/EMS/Dark Council


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