Obelisk High Commander Report


Obelisk High Commander Report

There's some good stuff happening this week...

First off, there are 4 more CTF matches left this weekend... they are as follows:

Saturday, October 18th: 3pm EST

Doto's Dudes vs. Dark Council (H)

The Dark Alliance vs. Clan Satal Keto (H)

Sunday, October 19th: 3pm EST

Doto's Dudes (H) vs. Clan Satal Keto

Team NUDE vs. Clan Tarentum (H)

Remember to show up, or your team may end up forfeiting, due to lack of participants :(

On a related note, the Dark Council barely lost to Taldryan, in a match played earlier today. Taldryan won by an extremely small margin... the final score was extremely close... lol yeah, who am I kidding it was actually 9-0 :P

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Secondly, the GJW is progressing slowly, I sent a bunch of stuff to Jac this week for him to look over.

I also spent a few hours today working on my JO SP contribution for the GJW. With any luck, it'll be entirely finished by the end of next week, and a few unfortunate people will have to playtest the crappiest SP level ever made :P

I also hope to get a system manual done, before the end of October. I'll be speaking with various clan summits about finalizing their star systems. My Antei proposal will also be sent to FF and Jac, so it can be compared with all the other Antei proposals I'm sure they've gotten :P

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Valley Tamalar will be running a Jedi Outcast competition next friday, that involves hunting Oompa Loompas. Apparently, it'll be a Free-For-All game, and the person with the most Oompa Loompa kills wins.

Yeah, it's pretty odd, maybe Valley will even sing dumb, rhyming Oompa Loopa riddles to confuse people :P

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Lastly, congrats to Dagger on his Ruby Sceptre! And congrats to Flechy, Trev, and Tron on CHAN, OCL, and EMS respectively!

That's all for this week... I did my report. I'm done. yay.

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