Chancellor Report


Chancellor Report

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Fleshy's Rip-Off of The Weekly Jac

<!--QUOTE--> "Closed lips...another goodnight kiss is robbed of all its passion..." -Dashboard Confessional

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Announcements this issue:

<!--Things In This Issue List--> $one: Current Chancellor Happenings

$two: Personal Stuffs

$three: Medals This Week

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<!--ANNOUNCEMENT ONE--> Current Chancellor Happenings

Current Chancellor happenings! First of all, I'll be gone this weekend - Xuthles is in charge of the Chancellor Office. All bribes and other payments for free GLS, SL, DS, etc should go to her, and she'll ta--err, never mind. Anyway, I'll be gone for my 19th Birthday on Sunday, yay me. I also have a competition running for this with no submissions and high level crescents, so if you wants medals, submit, it's easy...

I'm just about finished with the Dark Voice site, so Operation: Fleshy's Chancellor Projects will start soon. Stuff like medal images, designs, etc will all be addressed soon.




<!--ANNOUNCEMENT TWO--> Personal Stuffs

Classes are going good. Finished 2/3 of my midterms and I feel I did well on them. I hate my Engineering professor, and all the nitpicking grading he does. I've been looking into the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity here at OSU and I've been impressed so far - possibilities of Fleshy joining are high. My birthday is this weekend and I'm getting out of the dorms for a little bit, and will be getting some REAL food - yay.




<!--ANNOUNCEMENT THREE--> Medals This Week

Soooo many medals, guys. This week, I have 89 different medal reccomendations, and some of those contain multiple medals for the CoFs and such - wowsas! For every medal this week and the actual medal blurbs, see the ]()reports page. Awesome job guys, this is what I like to see.

KP Cyris Oscura : Grand Cross of the Dark Side
For awesome service to his House and the creation of many competitions for HQD, from Tiss and Mejas.

KE Azazel DjoTarr : Grand Cross of the Dark Side
For amazing service to Arcona and the Obelisk Order, reccomended by Jam3z.

DJK Xuthen "Long name" : Steel Cross
For being the bestest scavenger hunter in the DB.

SO Xanos Zorrixor : Steel Cross
For creation of a new Robes' guide for the Brotherhood.

Lots and lots of CFs! Congrats to everyone.


Alright, talk to you guys Sunday night. :)


The Sithlet


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Goooo Psi Chi!

I'm only a semi-Greek. :P

Boooooooo Sig Ep!

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