Obelisk High Commander Report


Obelisk High Commander Report

CTF League

There's 3 more weeks left in the CTF League. CSK dropped out of the league prematurely (see below). So far, the people who have actually played games, seem to be having fun... that's good enough for me; although, I'd like to see more people turn out this weekend, so check the play schedule!!!

Upcoming Stuff

I plan on running an Obelisk Wars type thing, right after the CTF League. I don't have the time right now, to hack out all the details, but that's why I have magistrates.

Lastly, the GJW is gonna get delayed a bit longer I think... because I'm really busy with midterms and other school stuff, and Dagger has completely gone missing. Right now, it looks like December at the earliest, for the GJW...

Praetor Missing

Affixes Dagger's picture on a Milk Carton

Anyone who finds Dagger can have all my spare pocket change! Dagger, if you read this, let me know where you are :P

I throw in some of my change too...I need my praetor back :P

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