Emissary Report


Emissary Report

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Another week is upon us and yes my report is late. Well this all comes down to many reasons, one I wanted to announce something big but now it'll have to wait.

Anywho, we've ahd a very productive week here in the DB. In regards to my office we've seen a few moves take place:

  • CON Zig of Tarentum resigned due to RL committment

  • PCON Sith Bloodfyre of Tarentum was made CON of Tarentum

  • PCON Trevarus Caerick of CNS was made Oracle

  • QUA Jonuss Rai from HPG of CNS was made PCON of CNS

And then of course the Assembly of Consul has been productive in things:

  • Discussed a proposal

  • GM FF ratified proposal

  • Final touches laid on proposal with sub-proposal ideas discussed

All in all a very productive week with another one to look forward to.

I hate to steal one of Jac's report segments, but I have to say Big props to Kir Katarn for outstanding work in writing up a proposal in no time flat. Big props to Zigs for his long service to Tarentum and of course the rest of the CONs for working together so well this week in getting this thing hashed out.


The Emissary

  • SO Tron Sadow (Sith)/EMS/Dark Council [ACC: INI]



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