Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

SWM Rakhai walked in the halls of Boral furiously. He was just thinking about doing that report. He entered in the communication room, where some personel were doing their jobs. Rakhai glared to a one of the civilian. ''I need a link with the other Houses. Now.'' he said, coldy. The civilian gulped his saliva and ordered his fellows to work on it. Two minutes later, the communication was up.

''Good work.'' whispered Rakhai.

DB News

Big news for the Sith: Predator resigned, and his successor has been chosen tonight: Sith Overlord Xanos Zorrixor is the new Sith High Warrior.

The Dark Voice is getting out soon. There was more than 80 submissions in it: I hope some of them are from HOO!

Clan News

Read the reports of Mejas and Jam3z. Their reports are good!

House News

Please welcome the newest member of HOO, SWM Lusyanka!

3 Cluster of Fire have been awarded to ACO Gaunt for victories in Tuesday Showdown! He was also awarded a Crescent with Emerald Star for being the third most wins! Congrats :D

Alexandria Eris Entar passed the Krath Grammar studies with 73%! She also had a perfect grade in the ICQ test!

ACO Gaunt also made the Krath Grammar studies with 78%!

SWM Lusyanka made a perfect score in the ICQ test!

Congrats to all of you! I hope you guys are flying the Sith War battles! If not, please contact your CMDR (Lenzar) and he will send you a copy of them!

I've also asked to you guys if you have any time to give to HOO about writing stuff on our home planet. Rewards will be awarded to anyone who help me with that! This message is specially for those who have made the KRATH GRAMMAR STUDIES ;)


http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.org/dbjedi/news.asp The Dark Brotherhood webpage (with the news)

http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.org/dbjedi/viewunit.asp?ID=23 HOO's roster

http://www.harpoen.nl/~jam3z/arcona/oriens/ Our webpage.

Rakhai snarled and told the communication officer to stop the channel. He walked away from the room and entered in his private room. He went on his computer and ordered it to get a link with the commander of Pandragon.

''Lenzar, get your men ready. A battle is coming...soon.''

QUA/SWM Rakhai/House Oriens Obscurum of Arcona

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