Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report


I am Back!

I have been transfered to the Online College of my University so now I do not have to physically attend any classes they are all online, it rules, technology has certainly given me a life again hehehe.

My apologies to my clan mates for the abscence with this online // e//campus thing they have in place now I will have time to myself! WOW what concept. I will endeavor to make it to Saturdays meetings, no promises, the online school does not recognize week days from week ends stuff is due all over the place. So I should be there this weekend.

<p>I am currently reading through the huge and I mean huge amount of email generated over the current proposals within the Assemby of Consuls. We are looking at some very interesting times for the Dark Brotherhood. Little things and big things are all coming our way. GM FF is provind to be the progressive and inovative GM that I thought he would be. DGM Jac is right up there with these proposals and events as well. So look for some really neat and different things for the Clans and membership soon.</p> <p>Shadow Academy Stuff:

I recomend that you visit the Shadow Academy, even you Vets out there, I would like to see all the officers of the Clan to have completed the Leadership course by December. If you have not already done so please do so by Dec 1st. I will be watching. Also there are many other course that can be of use to you. I encourage all to have a look and take the courses you feel you want. I highly recomend any Clansmen of Exar Kun to take the Leadership course even if your not an officer.</p> <p>_ My email is [Log in to view e-mail addresses] email me with your concerns, and anything clan related. I check it daily and try to reply daily as well. If you see me online PM if you need some help or need some question answered. I am here for my clansmen.</p> <p> Sacrifice...Your Enemies
Pontifex Gilkane Satal, ProConsul of CEK_</p>

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