Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

House Byss Quaestor Report

Krath Pontifex Jonaleth Isradia was stately behind his desk of dark, varnished mahogany, a grim apparition of shadows and robes, whose features were sharply outlined in the faint light fading in through drawn curtains. The Barons sapphire blue eyes blazed in the darkness, lit by a light of their own as the SecondMaster of Byss looked down on the antique paper journal before him, and began to write his weekly status report in a smooth, flowing letters…

“The state of the Brotherhood…”

ØKhan is our house Envoy until someone else accepts the job.

ØA new GJW is on the way.

ØThe Encyclopaedia Astronomicon is nearly completion. CEK has its own system and planets defined now. See the clan website for details.

“The affairs of the House…”

ØWe have an egroup – [Log in to view e-mail addresses] - that is for all members to use.

ØThe identity of House Byss has been made out as the spies, informants and information gatherers of the Dark Brotherhood. With this in mind, we can tailor our writings, beliefs and works to fit this unique ‘flavour’.

ØDon’t forget to CC me on all the work and communications you submit to anyone, so I can track what you’re doing.

ØBrenn Tantor is now known as Valon Perenor.

ØJH Lugh Luanna has stepped down as TET of Exars Shadow.

ØThe roster is being cleansed today.

ØEyes of the Throne Phyle is being made dormant.

ØThe House egroup has been updated and cleansed.

“The movements of the Brotherhood…”

ØBROTHERHOOD COMPETITION: There is a Jedi Knight league active for those wishing to participate. For full details and team breakdowns, please see the DB main page.

ØBROTHERHOOD COMPETITION: Check the office of the Lord Chamberlain for news of inter-club training events and competitions.

ØBROTHERHOOD COMPETITION: http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.org/dbjedi/competitions.asp?ID=133

ØKMT: Never Ending Combat – write a poem about the conflict between the Light and Dark Jedi, its origins, history, form etc. 20 lines minimum, submit to Tiss: ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]).

ØKMT: And Now For Something A Little Less Pleasant – Write a platy/script about a very dark subject such as death, torture, pestilence etc. No light and fluffy stuff. Describe the characters and use directions and angles as in a real script. Submit in .txt to Ciara ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]).

ØCLAN COMPETITION: http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.org/dbjedi/competitions.asp?ID=168

ØCLAN COMPETITION: http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.org/dbjedi/competitions.asp?ID=164

ØHOUSE COMPETITION: http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.org/dbjedi/competitions.asp?ID=173

ØHOUSE COMPETITION: http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.org/dbjedi/competitions.asp?ID=170

ØHOUSE COMPETITION: http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.org/dbjedi/competitions.asp?ID=171

ØHOUSE COMPETITION: A new run-on is to be started momentarily on the House notice board. Lets see if we can make this one as good as the last!

“The Krath in specific…”

ØDJK Valon Perenor has been in-active this week.

ØPRT Sinjin is to be moved to Rogue.

ØDJK Erryc Lassiter has been very pressed this week IRL, and has had serious computer problems, however he has a new toy now, so should return to normal soon.

ØJH Lugh Luanna has stepped down as TET of Eyes of the Throne, for serious personal issues. He will remain active as long as he can, but after that is to be considered on extended leave until settled again.

ØNOV Bartleby is at sea at the moment. He is considered on leave for the moment.

ØNOV Zion Krior is to be moved to Rogue.

ØACO Maris Kren is at sea at the moment. He is considered on leave for the moment.

ØACO Seiryte taken up his Tetrarch duties and has many competitions in store.

ØACO Mako has returned from leave today.

ØAPP Kenji Scard has been in-active this week.

ØPRT Daviriv Rracall is to be moved to Rogue.

ØACO Relhok Nek is at sea at the moment. He is considered on leave for the moment.

ØAPP Cipher has joined us this week from Rogue.

ØAPP Xine has joined us this week from Rogue.

“My thoughts given form…”

ØI’ve learned that Star Wars Galaxies will not reach England till December this year! I’m very annoyed at this, but am already planning my character for it.

ØI’m getting quite good with GTKRadiant and am currently modelling the Ash Citadel and Isradias throne room for practice. When they’ve been completed, Id like some volunteers to test them and give me any thoughts. I hope to be skilled enough to help in the creation of Jedi Academy levels for the next GJW.

“These places hold wisdom…”

ØDark Brotherhood Home Page – http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.org/dbjedi/news.asp

ØDark Brotherhood Message Board - http://www.chaoslogic.com/db/message_board/

ØClan Exar Kun Homepage - http://www.lorddarthkhan.supereva.it/clanexarkun/index.htm

ØClan Exar Kun Message Board - http://www.chaoslogic.com/db/message_board/forum.asp?FORUM_ID=12

ØHouse Byss Homepage – http://www.eternalbyss.com/~byss/

ØHouse Byss Message Board - http://www.chaoslogic.com/db/message_board/forum.asp?FORUM_ID=11

ØAntei Combat Centre - http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.org/dbjedi/acc/halls.asp

ØShadow Academy - http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.org/dbjedi/shadowacademy/sa/index.html

ØKrath Homepage - http://www.harpoen.nl/~jam3z/krath/page.php?page=home

ØBant Komad’s Homepage – http://members.fortunecity.co.uk/dracoes/bant/

ØOffice of the Lord Chamberlain - http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.org/dbjedi/lch/

Yours In Tenebrium,

KPN Jonaleth Isradia (Krath)/QUA/Byss of Exar Kun,


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