Chancellor Report


Chancellor Report

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Fleshy's Rip-Off of The Weekly Jac

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Announcements this issue:

<!--Things In This Issue List--> $one: Current Chancellor Happenings

$two: Personal Stuffs

$three: Small Medal Snafus

$four: Medals This Week

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<!--ANNOUNCEMENT ONE--> Current Chancellor Happenings

Not much going on in the office of the 'ol Chancellor. Medals being processed, some projects are underway. My part in the DV is just about finished, so I'll be able to move on to some other stuff after that. Pretty uneventful week.



<!--ANNOUNCEMENT TWO--> Personal Stuffs

Classes are going good, but who cares about school, eh? Played poker with Jac and his fraternity buddies last night, had a lotta fun. Over the past couple days, my floor in my dorm has been decorating our floor to look like a mental ward/insane asylum for "Terror Tower," an event where kids who don't have a place to safely trick or treat can come. Basically, each floor has its own theme and it is a competition between floors. Ours had awesome participation and WE KICKED ASS. :) We made at least 10+ kids cry and there were rumors about a possible urine incident...yeah, we were pretty damn scary. I was in scrubs and had blood (red paint) all over myself, and I was giving a labotomy to a patient...with a power drill. I think my little section was the area that finally broke some of the kids and they started crying...I did feel bad about them crying, but at the same time, it was like...oh yeah, we did a good job. The floor below us (the one where all the kids went next) complained to us that all the kids we sent down there were crying. Ah well, I had a blast doing it.



<!--ANNOUNCEMENT THREE--> Small Medal Snafus

I posted this earlier this week, but just as a reminder to everyone, the database is currently messing up some reccomendations and approvals of medals, so if you get the wrong number of medals or don't get them at all, let me know. CG and Jam3z are working on the problem, and it appears that it might be due to CrystalTech switching to Windows 2k3 recently. I'll keep everyone updated and hopefully the problem will be resolved soon.



<!--ANNOUNCEMENT FOUR--> Medals This Week

Well, I have 63 medals in my inbox from this week, which is good - a little down from last week, but ah well, you guys can take a break, I guess. :) Still awesome - I love to give medals, so keep up the activity everyone!

SWM Crix "Uberman" Madine : Grand Cross of the Dark Side
For longstanding and excellent service to House Archanis of Taldryan.

SWM Smitrock : Steel Cross
For excellent activity and participation for House Archanis.

PRT Dranik : Steel Cross
For amazing participation in the JA WoW (over 50 matches played!)

And, as always, lots and lots of CFs! Congrats to everyone.


That's all for this week - take it easy everyone, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


The Sithlet

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