Krath High Priestess Report


Krath High Priestess Report

Alanna signed her name at the end of her weekly report and telepathically sent a forceful command to a young jedi passing her office door to get it copied and distributed to all Consuls.

Krath High Priestess's Weekly Report

  1. Winners of October KMT 'Neverending combat'

1st place.... KP Vassan Rokir!

2nd place.... KE Anshar Kahn!

Joint 3rd place.... GRD Dark Sabre :)

Joint 3rd place... JH Lugh Luanna :)

Yeah, we couldn't decided between Dark Sabre and Lugh for 3rd spot, so they both get it :)

Well done all!

  1. November's KMTs (one yet TBA)

"Turning Points"

Write about an important turn around in your character's life (doesn't need to be your main DB character). This can be any important happening in his or her lifetime which really changes the future attitudes or life as such. If possible, it should not deal with the split.

Minimum is 3 pages Arial font size 12, if you prefer you can send in a poem instead.

Arania's running this one, so send entries to: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

  1. New MB run-on.

The last one didn't do so well, so we're trying again!

  1. Character development competition

This is the start in a series of short competitions designed to explore members' characters, and to help develop the role-playing aspects of the DB. Thanks to Cyris for the idea. All orders may participate.

Part 1

Write an account of an event in your character's life that greatly influenced his/her attitudes towards emotion.

Does your character find it a help or a hindrance? Why?

26th Oct – 8th Nov

Submit to [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

  1. Epic comp - closing date getting near for this!

See previous reports for full details.

Take the persona of some ancient powerful Dark Jedi. It must be some non-descript person, so no official characters, but some ancient Jedi that didn't make it to quite such heights of power. Tell his, or her, story.

We're expecting entries to be in the 10+ pages range.

Closing date extended to 21st November

Submit to Ciara, Trevarus and Alanna

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