Headmaster Report


Headmaster Report

This week has been one of the busiest, if not the busiest in terms of course grading at the SA since I took over HM. In the last 48 hours, no less than 11 new Initiates have passed their Test of Lore and graduated to Apprentice. Clans, prepare for some fresh recruits coming in soon!

On the flip side, I had to discover that there is still the opinion out there that cheating can get you somewhere in the Brotherhood - otherwise it could not be explained that I got two nearly word-identical Leadership tests from two members (same order, so no Clones). Sorry for the extra work, Yacks!

Over the last weeks, the quality of tests submitted has shown an interesting disparity - some are among the very best I have ever seen (congratulations on what is likely the first 100% on a Leadership Test, ACO Sasami - this application and report are going to be my new samples!), but I also get a lot of unprepared work that will lead only to fails.

To the Apprentices: While the Shadow Academy provides you with an easy and convenient way to gain early promotions and recognition, you should not try to just rush the tests. You will pass one or the other with rush jobs, but you'll just fail as many and ultimately spend more work that if you did it right the first time. Most tests can be completed at 100% with 30 to 45 minutes of work, but if you try to manage in 10, you'd better know your subject in and out.

At the danger of repeating myself, here's the two best ways to fail a SA test:

1 - Leave blank a lot of questions. If you leave blank 25%, you can almost be assured to get another 6% wrong and thus flunk.

2 - Give long answers on 1-point questions and three-word answers on an essay-style ten-pointer. You'll get two shiny points and leave nine to the HM who'll use those to fail you, Mwuahahahaha...

What... you want to PASS ? Then go fill in all questions and make sure you spend your effort primarily on those questions with high points...


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