Chancellor Report


Chancellor Report

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Fleshy's Rip-Off of The Weekly Jac

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Announcements this issue:

<!--Things In This Issue List-->   $one: What's the deal, yo?

  $two: Personal Stuffs

  $three: Medals This Week

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<!--ANNOUNCEMENT ONE--> What's the deal, yo?

I'm awarding medals, pondering some projects, but nothing being enacted yet. I haven't been around much, a lot of projects and things are popping up right now, so I haven't been around much. Sorry to everyone I haven't been available to. :\



<!--ANNOUNCEMENT TWO--> Personal Stuffs

Couple things in this department. Grades are still doing okay. To be honest, they aren't quite as good as I want them to be, but I dunno - we'll see how it all goes. I went to see Matrix Revolutions with Jac on Wednesday night. Personally, I thought it was good - a few things I didn't like, but nothing like the criticism it is getting. Had dinner with some guy from Sig Ep last night, which was fun. In my NCAA 2004 dynasty as Northern Illinois, my freshman running back won the Heisman, the Maxwell, and Best Runningback of the Year, and we won the National Championship. Yay for NCAA, my newest addiction. Other than that, lots and lots of work for school. Biggest news is that my parents are driving about 9 hours from Delaware to come see me, and my brother is coming about 7 hours from St. Louis to come see me - woo, family! I haven't seen my Mom since I got to school, my brother since the middle of summer, or my Dad since April, when he was deployed to Qatar for the current state of affairs that exists in Iraq. Fortunately, he returned home safe and sound about two weeks ago, so my family is very happy, needless to say. :)



<!--ANNOUNCEMENT FOUR--> Medals This Week

65 Medals in my inbox this week - 2 more than last week. Looks like activity is staying pretty consistent. :) Yay for medals for everyone!

Not many big ones this week - mostly tons of CFs and Crescents and a few merit awards for people. So keep it up everyone! =)


La fin.


The Sithlet


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Flech, when are you going to grade the entries for your birthday competition? Patience is not my "thing." I'm waiting... :-)

Flech, when are you going to grade the entries for your birthday competition? Patience is not my "thing." I'm waiting... :-)

Why don't the DC just create blogs for everyone to read their personal stuff? :o) It gets so distracting in the reports.

Look at the size of my report without personal stuff...that's why it's in there. ^_^ Anyway, Birthday stuff will be graded soon, just haven't gotten to it yet, sorry. :\

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