Chancellor Report


Chancellor Report

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Fleshy's Rip-Off of The Weekly Jac

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Announcements this issue:

<!--Things In This Issue List-->   $one: Yacks

  $two: Personal Stuffs

  $three: Medals This Week

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This is a section of the report for Yacks. Yaaay Yacks! Yacks was one of my best Quaestors ever, and is still a cool guy. Ever wonder why I'm always Sithlet on IRC or the message board? I mean, wtf, I'm an Obelisk, eh? Well -- Yuxers gave me the nick name Sithlet a long time ago, and yes, I'm the original Sithlet. Dun dun dun - the secret unveiled. I mean, is that better than Jerry Springer, or what? Anyway, this is just a quick shout out to the man, the myth, the legend, the Almight Open Handed [expletive]slap of Justice, Yacks.



<!--ANNOUNCEMENT TWO--> Personal Stuffs

Nadda much. I owned my calculus and physics' quizzes this week, so yay me. I won back-to-back national championships in NCAA 2004. I stayed up until 3 am working on a lab report on Tuesday. I hate lab reports. They are the bane of my existence. My only comfort is I only have one more left after this weeks' report. Then I shall burn them all and do a little dance, singing "Haha! Trogdor strikes again!" I clicked the approve button a lot. Like, a ton. Oh, and I watched Hackers last night. Old school, but entertaining, despite the terrible made-up GUIs and stuff that the hackers use, and the evil corporate guy who somehow rides around on a skateboard still., hehe. Still enjoyable though...and the techno music set my bass off like crazy on my computer, and some people came over to ask me to turn it down...I was happy. ;)



<!--ANNOUNCEMENT FOUR--> Medals This Week

Alright, the part everyone actually cares about. The medals and such - the part of my report that actually relates to my job. goes - <font color="FF0000">112</font> medals this week! Now that's a lotta clickin', no? So big props to everyone. For details, see the reports section of the site. Here are some of the big 'uns:

  • Mav : Steel Cross : For his work with the Diablo 2 guild and all the other gaming get togethers he does - very very much deserved. Yay Mav!

    • Mordin : Steel Cross : For another crazy run of activity in the JO Week of War. Grats, Apo. =)
    • Gambit : Star of Antei : For consistent activity in his Clan and House - grats to Gambit!
    • Kris Omega : Steel Cross : For consistent service and activity for Qel Droma - grats Kris!

There were also a lot of Star of Antei's awarded for the Anagram challenge - congrats to all of you, too! Those were tough, I didn't want to tackle them... ;) Anyway, as normal, there were a ton of CFs awarded.


One final announcement - just a reminder to everyone, merit medals (even Dark Crosses) shouldn't be awarded for participation, and you should check with someone if you want to use them as awards for a competition in place of crescents. I've denied some medals for these reasons, so keep those in mind when you set-up competitions. I've talked to Jac about it, and from now on, those situations will be looked at more closely and can be denied, even if Jac accidentally approves them in his competition approval thing. And the final note, for real - my Birthday Competition results will be out sometime this week. :)


The Sithlet


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P.S. Shadow and I are gonna pwn the new Ashvroth ACC competition. =P

I was the origional Sithlet and you know it, flech =P

Pft, ask Yuxly. :P

So gonna pwn. Go ACC Obbys! woo!

hackers\ soundtrack++ ;P

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