Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Oh my GAWD! I'm actually doing a report ON TIME! ph34r! The end is nigh! AAAAHHHHH!!!

Yes, that's right...my report actually gets out on Saturday! Sure, it's late Saturday, but Saturday nonetheless.

Lots happening in Gladius this week, with LOOOOTS of medals being awarded, some SA courses being taken, and the occasional promotion here and there. So, without further delay, let's get down to business! ...so I can go to bed. :D


-Dranik was awarded 3 Crescents with Sapphire Stars, one for taking first in my old graphics comp, and the last two for first place in the first two rounds of the Letter Run-on. He was also given a Crescent with Ruby and Topaz, both for his placings in the November JA WoW. Also, he got a wopping 31 CFs for taking part in the JA WoW, and a Star of Antei for playing over 25 matches!

-Telona got a Crescent with Emerald for taking second in the most recent round of the Letter Run-on

-Anshar was awarded 11 CFs for his participation in the JA WoW, and a Dark Cross for playing over ten matches in the aforementioned WoW

-Zhada was awarded 2 CFs for participating in the Tuesday Showdown

Good work, all of you! Even though it's tedious, I like writing such long lists of medals!

SA Courses:

-Ad-War passed IRC Basics, and Krath Core

-Dranik passed IRC Channel Operator

Also, we had an e-mail change this week. Telona's changed her addy to [Log in to view e-mail addresses], so update your address books.

And, we had someone transfer out of the House this week. Sadly, we lost someone with some good graphics skills...but, from talking to him a little and reading some of what he'd said, I think it's best for the House and Clan. I'm sure that some of you are happy to see Storm gone, given how he's acted in the past. But, let's all just let this whole issue go, and get on with things. We've got better things to worry about, like comps and kicking ass in the GJW!

And, speaking of comps...yep, I've got one! It starts today, and runs until New Year's Eve....that's Dec. 31, for those who don't know. Basically, what do you see with your mind's eye when you think about our little asteroid base? What do the halls look like? What do you see? Your job is to tell me, whether it be with words or graphics. You can do both, and you might be awarded more if you put that extra effort into it. But, as it stands, the awards to be won are the appropriate Crescents to first, second and third places. So...get crackin'!

Also, let's not forget about Sithie's comps. His Keeper's comp is still going, and I want to see some participation in this. I know that I, for one, will be getting something hammered out for this, and I want to see the rest of you doing the same.

But, enough of the "You better be doing this!" crap..this brings my report to a close! So, unless I've forgotten something again...have a fun, safe and productive week!

KP Jason Hunter (Krath)/QUA/Gladius of Tarentum [ACC: L]



SQXO/LCNL Jason Hunter[SSD Balestarius]/Wing Xiphos/Kunai



--Proud Wing V Vet! WC's OWN: MAR 2001, SEPT 2001

Wing V, The Hammer's Hellfighters: Winner, TIE Corps Commander's Award --

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