Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

House Qel-Droma Report #4



Epis Azazel Djo'Tarr

My appologise but no fiction this week...  


My report is being sent out later than i wished. When i got home from work yesturday morning i was far too shatterd to even speak. As soon as my head hit that pillow i was dead to the world. Infact, i only woke up at 3am to go to the toilet!! Thats how tired i was :P So, i've had more sleep than a sleepy person can get in a weekend, so i am writing this report in the early morn for you guys :)  

Again i do appologise for my report being later than i origionaly stated.

House News

  1. NEW Proph TET - Strat had a tuff decesion to make in choosing his replacement. There were many interested parties, and many good applications, but only one can get the position. So....congratulations DJK Kris Omega!! I'm sure you will push Prophecy ever onwards and have them fully prepared for the GJW :)

  2. NEW QD RM - With Krissy's placement as TET of Prophecy, a new RM had to be selected. It's odd, but the most logical choice was stareing us in the face all this time. So...the new House RM is none other than.....KE D'hak!! Well done dude :)

  3. Former DGM joins Qel-Droma - Formerly known as DJM Mairin, DJM Lúrien Amadiciel as she is now known, has joined QD. This now boost's our chances of winning the Krath sections of the GJW! Welcome back to active service Mai, and welcome to House Qel-Droma :D

  4. New Arcona homepage! - In the week, our Consul, DJM Mejas announced the unveiling of our new homepage. If you have not already checked it out then please do so! http://www.harpoen.nl/~jam3z/arcona/index.php?page=news

Upon looking through my inbox, i see there is no more news :( Bit dried up on the news front this week guys. However.....should your craving for infomation get the better of you, visit: http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.org/dbjedi/news.asp - and get your news fix ;)

House QD Activity

All reports in....Good work my Summits ;)


None this week :(


KP Strategos - CF x11, Crescent with Amethyst Star (A) x2, Crescent with Sapphire Star (S) x2, Legion of the Scholar (LS).

Hell's teeth Strat! Way to go man! :D

SA Courses

APP Moushigo - Dark Jedi Meditation

KP Strat - IRC Channel Operator Studies & MSN Messenger

KP Vassan Rokir - IRC Channel Operator Studies



PRT Storm Paladin Entar - Battle Team Keepers of the Night to House Qel-Droma

DJM Lúrien Amadiciel - Rogue to House Qel-Droma


App Moushigo - House Qel-Droma to House Abyss of Clan Naga Sadow

Welcome to House QD guys! :D

House Roster

Dark Jedi Master Lúrien Amadiciel

Dark Side Adept Voranyen

Epis Azazel DjoTarr

Epis D'hak

Epis Korbane Ashoka

Epis Xizor

Priest Arcturus Gadeskin Xyler

Priest Cymbre Kall

Priest Strategos Thanatos Entar

Priest Vassan Rokir

Dark Jedi Knight Karan Callidus Entar

Dark Jedi Knight Kris Omega

Dark Jedi Knight Ktulu Mizheray

Jedi Hunter Kandos Katarn

Guardian Haste black

Guardian kronos omega

Protector Jandos Phyleus Kalinor

Protector Leon Sanguin

Protector Morgan

Protector Raven

Protector Storm Paladin Entar

Novice Minoru

Total: 23 members

The Final Flurry...

    It's been a tuff weel for your old Qua. Working hard at work, and then having to do tonnes of work when he got home, has taken it's toll on me. I have several projects unfinised. One ofcourse being Galares's home. I promise this will be sent in mid-week.  

I GOT MY FIANCE HER RING FRIDAY AFTERNOON! She is awake, but i have not told her i got it yet. So that's gonna be a suprise for her. :D

In general.....very good week, but what i would like to see is someone else getting medals other than Strat! Lol. Nah, the boy is doing good, but where's everyone else?

TET's - it's time to put the boot in, and rattle some spines! Strat needs someone to pop along to the comps with him for backup. As soon as my work load eases, i will be backing you up with JA. :)

Well thats all for this week. So until next time, take of yourselves and eachother!


Respectfully Submitted

In loyal servitude

KE Azazel Djo'Tarr (Krath)/M:OHC-QUA/Qel-Droma of Arcona [ACC:INI]


"Regere Sanguine Regere In Veritatem Est"

Magistrate to the Obelisk High Commander

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