Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Dark greetings Bof

Another "fine" week has passed and lots of news are in : The first one and most important one is : The Jo / Ja ladder is gonna start soon . As you know the one who gets the highest score in the ladder will get cool prises (medals dudes , medals) . Anyways this was a "harrashing" week for me (I had like 2 final papers) .

Anyways you dudes just get ready :P . So dudes start the training .

This week's medals/promos

No new promos

No medals (not even me)

Now the roster :

As you can see nobody left or came in :P

Name <><><><><>><><><><><> Rank

Cain Manta <><><><><>><><><><><> Novice

Scorpio_Sith <><><><><>><><><><><> Apprentice

Shadow Warrior <><><><><>><><><><><> Templar

Sithie v 2.0 <><><><><>><><><><><> Protector

Drake Malone <><><><><>><><><><><> Acolyte

Bron Kasara <><><><><>><><><><><> Apprentice

Veramm <><><><><>><><><><><> Apprentice

im2ez4u <><><><><>><><><><><> Apprentice

Anyways site is almost ready :) . So kiddies just you wait and see the power of Dreamweaver combined with Flash .

                                                           Sincerely ,  

                                                             Your Sarge :P   

                                                               2265 OT X-Pilot out .  

OT X-Pilot (Obelisk)/SGT/Cestus of Tarentum [ACC: INI]



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