Combat Master Report


Combat Master Report

Dark salutations, fiends of the Dark Side,

News from the office Well there hasn’t been much place for DB work in my schedule this week. I’ve faced one of the longest, hardest weeks in my life, burried under school work and exams, taking the little time I had to relaxe, drawing or playing a little Neverwinter Nights (Btw, anyone going to ever start a NWN Guild?

I am sorry my report came so late, but I had a surprise visit from my relatives from Ontario, that I hadn’t seen in over a year. My uncle presented me with the offer of a life time, which could provide my career as Graphic Artist an amazing start. None is concrete, but I will learn more in the next thirty days, were I will have to make decisions, wether I move to Toronto, or not. Perhaps you will all find out more soon enough. Although that’s none of your business, I like ranting :P.

Appologies to the members I had been training or fighting in Qualification match, for which I have no more time for, because of the work I am doing on new ACC features, but feel free to challenge our Trainers who will have a pleasure in doing so.

Weekly Reminders

2 Weeks Limit Remember that any battles overdue for over two weeks will be closed by the ACC’s auto-flushed system, awarding a win to the last warrior to have posted in the fight, and a loss to the member who didn’t post.

Challenging CM I will only be accepting training challenges from DJK’s and above in the ACC (Training Hall, Qualification Hall) due to the heavy amount of work I have. We have great trainers, who are there to train you all. It would be appreciated that a short break was given to Alanna, who accepted to train over 4 people this week. Thanks Oh Mighty Krath High Priestess.

Challenge of Ashvroth Participate! Competition ends December 20th, and will take at least 2 weeks to accomplish! Find a partner and join up!. Read the info on this Competition! Have some fun! Note that the deadline is december 28th, so get your battles going and move on, you have 14 posts per battle to do! I will post an approximate guideline of suggested progress in the following days.

I was thinking of starting an NWN Guild....but I'm only an ACO yet, I don't know anything about Guilds and how they work and I don't know if people from the DB would join it. I'd sure join an NWN Guild if there was one though.
I really like NWN and I've got a pretty good character. I am also familiar with all of its features

The hard part in starting a guild is in finding the members. Your first duty would be to advertise you are starting a guild. Post on the messageboards and ask around for those interested in joining such a guild. Also a good idea to tell the CoG (me :P) that you're interested in such a thing, so that I can put it in my reports and help out in advertising as well. You'd have to find roughly 15-20 ppl and then contact the CoG and DGM about your guild and that's, that. Or you can mail Cyris here and see if he'd like to help out in starting the guild process :)

Oh...and Cyris...if you ever move to Toronto, give me a ring. I'm not too far from there myself.

I would not only JOIN a NWN guild, I would be ACTIVE in a NWN guild.

I am quite familiar with how the game works and have several characters of decent level to assist others.

If you require a list of characters, e-mail me.

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