Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Death. Destruction. Desperation. Doom.

Very random today, I see. Umm... hello. turns around and looks around the room guiltily, not making eye contact with anyone How are you? Today was an... um... interesting week. Everyone... have fun? I hope that those of you in America had a good Thanksgiving, I know I did. looks slightly more confident News... shuffles through papers in his hands


-The DJB placed third in the JA WoW

-The Dark Voice should be released on the 6th of December

-ICTE Results from last week coming out tomorrow (everyone pray that Tally had the highest participation again)

-The HRLD is on a LoA, GoAs and other stuff should be going to DJM Mejas

-CTF league finishes today at 3

-DGM Jac is on a LoA until tonight

-Welcome KP Octavian back to Ektrosis!

Busy week. begins to look through dossiers of each phyle member


TET Dark Sabre: Crescent w/ Amethyst, Topaz, Emerald, 4 CoFs, Dark Cross

TYR Xuthen i-Sa'onserei ui'Ifrionn: Crescent w/ Ruby,

TYR Apocalypse: Submitted to Training Regimen comp, posted in our ACC Battle, posted on MBs, private message contact, Krath Poetry and Grammar courses

TYR Tiberius Slegr: No activity

TYR NexusMage: No activity

TYR Dark Floyd: No activity

TYR Saruan: No activity

TYR Eros: Submitted to Training Regimen comp

TYR Iataib Seco: No activity

TYR Quarmador: Posted on MBs, promoted to Learner in ACC

Quote to Reflect On:

[13:23] *** Strategos changed topic to SPAM only goes on the SPAM board, please (Yes, DS, that means you :P)

Jedi Hunter Dark Sabre, Tetrarch of Shadow Warriors Phyle

**JH Dark Sabre (Krath)/TET/Ektrosis of Taldryan ACC: F/DC/Cr-1T-1E-4S-1A/CF/DSS


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