Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

House Report for Galthain of Satal Keto

Designation: Vess 20: 11/30/03

See the House News section.

Words of Wisdom:

-Read the House report, it has your baseline instructions for stuff.

-Read instructions carefully, always send competition submissions where they’re supposed to go, and attach your ID line.

-CC your friendly neighbourhood QUA on your activities so they won’t go unnoticed.

-Recruitment is always a high priority, let’s get some more fresh blood in this House.

-As we all know the Sith Order is in pain. This is not the time to become complacent, we cannot let it die. Stand tall my Brothers and Sisters, defend the honour of your House and your Order by remaining active. Your leaders are exploring new options to rekindle the fire.


-Dalthid has 5 comps going now, see the PCON report. Send submissions to him, cc me. The first due date is December 13th, I think any interested parties can swing that.

-Join the run-on training team and learn how to help your Clan in future comps.

-The Dark Voice, could always use fiction submissions….I’ll even help you edit stuff (depending on how much time I have).

-There are always Shadow Academy courses for your enlightenment.

-You can always do some MP flying and earn yourselves some awards.

-Although the Sith Mission Competition itself is over, feel free to make more missions (plots or all that crazy computer stuff) and send them to Gord. They would be greatly appreciated.

-If there’s anything you can think of doing, do it. Initiative is always a good thing.

This week’s report:


APP Final Sage submitted his character history.


I just put through the paperwork, so in a short while Final Sage shall be a Novice. Congratulations.


-The Position of Sith Commander for our House is open to applicants.

If you’re PRT or above, have 3 months DB experience, have a good email and online presence…and above all are interested, feel free to contact both Waffennass and myself.

-Construction of the new Galthain website continues.


-Our new High Warrior has begun the task of reviving our Order. Project “Sith Revival” will focus on building an Order website, expanding our gaming base, creating new missions, and generally improving communication.

The next edition comes out on December 1st, send any new submissions before then.

-DB membership is increasing steadily. If you know anyone who would be a good Dber, give ‘em a nudge, we could always use new recruits, try to get them into Galthain. Let’s make this a high priority.



Galthain's current homepage: http://www.minos.net/~xura/Galthain/index.html

The Clan MB: http://www.satalketo.net/mb/

The Dark Voice: http://www.taldryan.org/dv/index.php

and last but not least, the ACC webpage: http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.org/dbjedi/acc/

Our roster stands at 8 members:

QUA: Sith Warrior Vessicant ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

AED: Sith Warmaster William Waffennass ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

Warlord Armus ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

Jedi Hunter Carl Starr ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

Guardian mariusbob ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) -Galthain Ace.

Protector Cam’k Seale ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

Protector Osra ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

Apprentice Final Sage ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

That's it for this week.

Let your Darkness guide you,


SW Vessicant(Sith)/QUA/Galthain of Satal Keto [KSOE: CCE] [ACC: SQ] GC/(SC)/(StA-QL)/DC-KC/(SN)/Cr-1T-4E-6S-4A-1R-2D/DSS-QK {SA: G:P2-G:LS-S:CORE-S:ISET-S:ESET}

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